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12 People Who Had a Way Worse New Year's Eve Than You Ever Will

John Oliver might have said it best when he described why New Year's Eve is the worst holiday . . . so many high expectations, and it's nearly always a disappointment. These 11 people know what he's talking about thanks to past celebrations gone oh so wrong. So no matter what your plans are this year, feel better by knowing they probably can't get any worse than this.

1. The guy whose New Year's Eve shot looks like this.

2. The girl whose mum needs to find a new birthday, stat.

3. The dude with a smokin' midnight kiss.

Got my Midnight kiss all lined up #NewYearsFail
A photo posted by scottyfuckinknows (@scottyfuckinknows) on

4. The girl who tried really hard but then said, "Eff it."

ehh close enough #newyearsevefail #cottoncandy #champagne #Pinterest
A photo posted by Laura Beltran (@l0r_uhh) on

5. Hilary, who really should have just walked.

6. Dare, who had it worse than Hilary.

7. This smarty pants.

8. Jo, who forgot science.

9. This person, who didn't listen to Jo's advice.

#worstnewyearsever :(
A photo posted by Thurman Pursley (@tcpursley) on

10. Ashley, who was probably more drunk than she realises.

11. This girl, who better be ready for some awkward convos.

That's awkward #newyearsfail #whatshisnameagain @kyraemily @dawnexox
A photo posted by Kendyl Peters (@keendyl) on

12. This girl, who will forever hate jalapeño poppers.

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