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New York Pizza Rat

A Rat Carried a Pizza in NYC, and It's All Anyone Can Talk About

Any New Yorker knows how tough city life can be, with Winter completely submerging us into a deep hibernation or sweating your way to work in the Summer. And now New Yorkers finally have a hero we can look up to who somewhat embodies the New York spirit — a rat carrying a pizza slice down the subway stairs.

It's a tough journey at first for the rat as it struggles to carry this slice, but suddenly, like all your hopes and dreams, it becomes too heavy and the rat lets go of the pizza. Sure, it might not be a real New Yorker because a real New Yorker would NEVER let go of a slice (and we'd fold it in half, too), but at least it's trying. Watch the video for yourself above, and then read all the jokes and memes the Internet is creating. Oh, you can also follow the Pizza Rat on Twitter, because of course there's an account already!

Pizza rat = immediate Internet meme.

Here's hoping there's a movie based on this rat's wonderful life (or at least a Halloween costume).

Pizza rat is so relatable, it'll inspire articles all over the Internet.

Pizza rat is the inspiration we all need to get through the week.

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