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Richard Herring's International Women's Day Tweets

1 Internet Hero Burned Hundreds of Angry Men on International Women's Day

Image Source: IFC

International Women's Day was an inspirational day for many people — whether participating in the A Day Without a Woman strikes or celebrating in their own way, many women and their allies felt empowered as March 8 drew to a close. But if you judged based on Twitter alone, you might have mistaken International Women's Day for "Why Is There No International Men's Day?" thanks to countless tweets from men who felt slighted by a single day dedicated to celebrating women's important role in society.

Thankfully, British comedian and valiant internet hero Richard K. Herring decided to educate the masses asking this frustrating question using — shocker — a little-known tool called Google. Over the course of the day, Herring replied to hundreds of tweets asking about International Men's Day, informing the good people of Twitter that, as a matter of fact, there is one, and it's happening on Nov. 19, so kindly stop complaining.

Herring didn't just use his admirable mission to scrub a little corner of misogyny from social media, though — he also turned his day-long Twitter roast into an opportunity to raise money for charity. Herring asked any followers who were enjoying the tweets to donate to Refuge, a UK-based charity that aids women and children fleeing domestic abusers. Somebody have this man knighted, stat!

Read on for some of Herring's cleverest tweets; you'll find yourself laughing, crying, shaking your head, or a combination of the three. They're not for the faint of heart.

The comedian started out his day feeling good-natured and poking fun at tweeters.

But he very quickly got worn down by the constant barrage of ignorance.

With hundreds of tweets to reply to, many filled with profanity and blatant misogyny, can you blame him?

Herring even encouraged frustrated women to end their relationships!

Despite his frustration, Herring kept up his valiant work for the entire day, sending hundreds of tweets.

By nightfall on the long, loooooong day, Herring had reached his wit's end with answering so many dumb questions.

In the end, his tweets ended up raising a lot of money for victims of domestic violence.

So, in conclusion:

Image Source: NBC

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