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Santa Claus Wizard Theory

This Insane Harry Potter Theory About Santa Claus Will Make You Rethink Everything

Have you ever questioned the magic of Santa? It's a pretty amazing feat for him to travel all over the world, delivering presents in a flash. To one Reddit user, it became perfectly obvious why Santa can do all that he does: he must be a wizard, just like Harry Potter!

Reddit user Arumple created a thread discussing why Santa is a wizard. Several users, including TheSortingSombrero, chimed in with great reasons proving that Santa is definitely not a Muggle.

How else is Mr. Claus able to fit all of those wonderful gifts into one bag without it tearing apart? And what about his undetectable house in the North Pole? Sounds familiar to Hogwarts, doesn't it? And the only explanation for Santa being able to deliver all the toys in one night has to be because he uses a Time Turner!

Keep reading to see the mind-blowing theory that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about Santa Claus ahead. It all makes perfect sense when you really think about it.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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