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Small Game of Thrones Tattoos

15 Game of Thrones Tattoos That Are Epic in Design, Not Size

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If you're contemplating confessing your addiction to George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones in the form of a tattoo but you don't have an entire limb to donate to a direwolf, we've found a few, more discreet options. Whether House Martell's "Unbroken, Unbent, Unbowed" motto resonates with you or you are undoubtedly a Stark through and through, here are 15 ways you can tuck away the accolade so it doesn't feel like overkill. And when Cersei herself Lena Headey can vouch for Arya Stark's badassery: "look, she f*cking wears people's faces", why wouldn't you want to pay tribute to her?

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