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What Is Damn Daniel?

Meet "Damn, Daniel," the Viral Video That Will Take Over Your Damn Life

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Meet "Damn, Daniel," the Viral Video That Will Take Over Your Damn Life
Image Source: Twitter user josholzz

"Damn, Daniel." If you haven't been slammed with the phrase at least 100 times within the past 24 hours, then we can assure you that your time will come soon, because Daniel and his white Vans are pretty much taking over the Internet.

You might be wondering, "Who TF is Daniel? And why is everyone talking about him?" Well, Daniel made his debut in a 30-second video posted to Twitter on Feb. 15 by his friend Josh. In the video, Josh captures Daniel walking around, smiling, looking cool, and showing off his outfits. Josh, unable to control his amazement by Daniel's swag, compliments his friend by exclaiming, "Damn, Daniel!" Josh seems to especially love it when his bud comes to class "back at it again with the white Vans."

Both terms have since sparked an Internet frenzy, and has become the new way to compliment your friends, ignite the love in a bromance, or to just be annoying AF. The video has been retweeted over 180 thousand times, and has since resulted in a variety of memes and even a rap song.

While we still can't put our thumb on what makes the video so hilarious, we admit: once you watch this a few times it'll be hard to not get Daniel (or his white Vans) out of your head. Read on to crack up at some of the hilarious memes and check out the video that started it all, and the one it's inspired.

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