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What Are the Benefits of Collagen For Your Skin?

The first signs of ageing to show up on our skin can be confronting. Skin that was once vibrant, elastic (and managed to bounce back after days of heavy makeup), may slowly start to appear dull and dry.

Whilst steps in our skincare routines like moisturising and applying serums are all proactive (and fun) ways to help ward-off signs of ageing, it's important to ensure you have a wider biological understanding of just what's happening to your skin over time.

Collagen (a protein our body produces naturally), is such a integral element that determines the way our skin looks, and is a massive factor in the ageing process. Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies start to produce less of it, increasing our susceptibility to wrinkles and lines. But fear not — just because our bodies are producing less of it, doesn't mean there aren't extra things we can be doing to help support its production.

So, to get a greater understanding on just how important collagen is to skin, we asked a member from the Swisse Science Team to explain its role in our body.

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