5 Reasons We’re Glad Boys Don’t Straighten Their Hair Anymore

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Joe Jonas posted a hilarious throwback to his ’00s straightened hair-do and the internet went wild for it.

This got me thinking about the reminiscent hairstyle that lasted for way too long. I mean it was in vogue from 2001 to at least 2010… that’s almost a decade! And, I don’t know if it actually looked good on anyone.

So I decided to go on a trip down memory lane and reminisce about all the reasons that this hairstyle was NOT it.

Here are five reasons why I’m so glad that boys don’t straighten their hair anymore.

You can see us properly

I don’t know if that specific early-mid ’00s hairstyle had a name, but I think you know the one I’m talking about. It’s very Joe Jonas in Camp Rock, with a straightened side fringe and long back and sides, completely straightened. Well, of course, there wasn’t a specific cut for this hairstyle, it was just a “way of life”, which I’m sure made ‘da boiz’ feel cool AF, but it always meant that one eye was always covered with hair.

Even the coolest of celebrity babes to have this style, the Chace Crawfords and the Justin Biebers of the world, had to constantly flick their hair out of their eyes. Although the Biebs made this an iconic and somehow sexy thing, most of the time it looks pretty dumb. It’s like the wear-you-pants-as-low-as-possible trend, surely it’s just inconvenient? Plus, IDK about you, but I didn’t want to kiss a guy who had to keep brushing his hair out of the way to see me.

We don’t have to share our hair straighteners

I can’t even tell you how many ‘boyfriends’ I had throughout high school that would hog my hair straightener in the morning. I never understood why it would take them so long? Plus they’d always leave it turned on, so I had eternal anxiety that my bedroom would catch alight.

Maybe it would’ve been fun if they’d let me straighten/style their hair for them, but no such luck.

The smell

This could’ve just been my experience, but did you find that straightened boys hair always smelt like a combo of burnt hair and hairspray?

Healthy hair wins

Most of us gals who straighten our hair often have done our research and know how much damage heat can do to our locks. We’ve invested in protection sprays and products to make sure that our hair gets minimum damage from straightening, curling and blow-drying. Dudes, not so much? No matter how many times I would insist on them using my protection spray or straightening their hair on a lower setting, they just continued to do the opposite, frying their hair in the process. The straightened, emo boy look is one thing, but the damaged straightened hair look is another thing entirely.

We can stop pretending that you’re in a boyband

For some reason, probably pop culture, but members of famous boy bands can pretty much get away with any hairstyle, even the tragic straightened, side-fringe look. I understand how tempting it is to be like your celebrity idol, but there’s just something about a straightened fringe that doesn’t work unless you’re singing angsty songs. Joe Jonas, sure, Pete Wentz, makes sense, but my nerdy bookworm boyfriends? Not so much.

I’m usually pretty forgiving when it comes to styling, you gotta wear what makes you feel good y’know, but I am damn glad that this trend subsided.

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