Lash Robots, AI Nail Polish, DNA Skin Care – 2021 Was Huge in Beauty Innovations


Much like last year, big themes in beauty for 2021 included skincare, staying at home, and self-care, for obvious reasons. We’ve all taken time out at home to nail our beauty routines, investing in skin-care tools and gadgets that make us feel great and trying out the latest TikTok beauty trends. This year also saw its share of seriously impressive beauty innovations.

While beauty and tech have gone hand in hand for decades, the latest wave of beauty tools, treatments, and add-ons is filled with features that are straight out of sci-fi – only there’s no fiction here, just effective, science-backed beauty products for every category like skin care, hair care, nails, and more. From robots that can give you lash extensions to AI nail art to DNA testing for skin-care products, here’s a breakdown of some of the most exciting beauty innovations that have launched in 2021.

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