17 of the Best LED Masks in Australia and Exactly What Each Light Does For Your Skin

Best LED Masks Australia
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Personal use LED masks have exploded in popularity in recent years. Thanks to Instagram and beauty bloggers, these robotic looking devices have become a mainstay on our feeds.

LED light therapy has long been used by skin therapists and dermatologists – but personal use of LED masks skyrocketed during lockdowns. In 2023, you don’t need to shell out money for salon visits, instead you can invest in a mask you can use agaain and again at home. There are plenty on the market, and they’re available at a variety of price points.

How LED Masks Work:

The two most common colours found in LED masks are red and blue lights, while some masks feature additional options. How do these lights work?

Blue light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria, while also reducing activity in the sebaceous glands, which can help reduce oil production in the skin. According to Medical News Today, blue light can also help reduce the bacteria that contribute to acne by causing inflammation.

Red light, on the other hand, helps improve signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, while also targeting scarring. According to Dr Dennis Gross, creator of the popular Spectralite FaceWare Pro, different wavelengths of red light penetrate the skin at different depths. Some help to increase blood flow and have an anti-inflammatory effect, while others are all about stimulating collagen production.

“The only real way to get new collagen is to start within the skin itself; by stimulating the fibroblasts that make new collagen, which is what red light does,” Dr Gross told Net-A-Porter.

Sold on the concept of an LED mask? Whether you’re wanting to improve acne, reduce fine lines or even your skin tone, these are the best you can buy in Australia.

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