Plump, Bouncy Skin: Makeup Artist Michael Brown on Why You Need Collagen-Infused Skincare

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Collagen is everywhere at the moment. From powders to supplements and beauty products, there is truly something to be found for every need. Why the fascination with collagen? Well, while collagen might be the most abundant protein in your body, it does start to decrease once you hit your 20s.

Given it is one of the main building blocks of your skin, collagen is what keeps it looking firm, bouncy and plump. So, as our collagen production naturally slows down, skin can become thinner, look saggier and feel less elastic, hence the creation of products that give your body a hand and introduce it back into your system.

Sydney-based makeup artist Michael Brown likens collagen to a mattress in the way it ages. “It’s like when you buy a new mattress, it’s all springy and firm, but over time you feel it weaken and start to dip in areas,” Brown told POPSUGAR Australia.

Collagen-infused skincare is a new frontier in the collagen craze, with brands formulating products designed to plump up your complexion with the addition of the protein. To learn more about this wonder ingredient, we turned to Brown, who is an avid fan of skincare created with collagen.

Below, we also chatted to Brown, whose clients include Jesinta Franklin and Kate Waterhouse, about what he’s doing to find joy in Sydney’s lockdown, the beauty advice he always shares and what beauty treatment he’s most excited for once salons are open again.

POPSUGAR Australia: Why is collagen so important for your skin?

Michael Brown: Collagen is our skin’s support structure, the building blocks that build up to give you plump and bouncy skin. As we age, collagen depletes and those building blocks collapse causing skin slackening, as well as lines and wrinkles.

It’s like when you buy a new mattress, it’s all springy and firm, but over time you feel it weaken and start to dip in areas. Collagen is just like a mattress, so it’s important to re-build more collagen frequently to achieve bouncy skin and get that fresh and plump morning skin, all through the day.

PS: Olay recently released a new collagen skincare line. What’s your favourite product in the collection?

MB: I would have to say the moisturiser (Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Cream $59.99) — I know that usually a serum or concentrate within a range has more potency, therefore can be tipped as a fan favourite — but as a makeup artist, I want a beautiful silky texture that leaves no residue on the surface of the skin and that’s also fast-absorbing for a better bond under foundation. It also contains niacinamide, which is amazing as an all-rounder skin-smoothing ingredient for 24-hour hydration!

What sets Olay’s collagen range apart is the scientific research to mimic collagen found in human skin and being bioavailable, this ensures deeper penetration of ingredients for best results, resulting in plump skin.

PS: What are the beauty products you’ve been reaching for in lockdown?

MB: I have been religious with skincare the entire lockdown, putting in the effort to get amazing results. I received my Collagen Peptide24 range just over three weeks ago, so it’s been exciting trying a new range and getting early results.

The initial lockdown last year made me bust out my at-home LED light therapy mask and I have kept it going (mostly), but this current lockdown has got me using it again! The red light is great for cell regeneration, which can also assist in collagen production so it’s another win for my skin and I love that it relaxes me, great before bed.

PS: What is one beauty treatment you’re most looking forward to post-lockdown?

MB: BOTOX! Now I only get this twice a year and I’m not into looking frozen, as that is so unrealistic in my opinion, plus I am so naturally animated, I’d look weird! But a softening of expressive areas, especially for someone like myself who is often on morning TV in harsh light, it can relax the face when administered correctly, be a preventative for further ageing and yet I still have movement — I love it!

PS: What’s one piece of beauty advice you always share with clients?

MB: The importance of skin prep — this is one thing I never rush during a makeup booking! It can seem timely, but it actually helps makeup application so much. I find I use way less product, as the textures bond together so well and then there’s the long-lasting aspect also. You’ll look fresher and have longer-lasting results, so I mean it’s a given right?

PS: What is getting you through and making you happy at the moment?

MB: Nature and FaceTime! With the majority of my work on hold, I have a lot of time to kill, so I’m really focused on keeping active, with lots of walks to get my steps up, but also connecting with friends and family. We are all in this together! I also have more time for full skincare routines, I want to come out of lockdown plump and glowing. Self-care can make you feel so
much better in these uncertain times.

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