Concealer Lips Are Back But Don’t Worry, the Trend Has Returned With a Modern Twist Thanks to TikTok

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Concealer covered lips were a staple of the y2k era. Alongside thin brows, butterfly hair clips and glittery eyeshadow, it was extremely common to see people rocking skin coloured lips thanks to a quick wash of concealer. This trend (thankfully) declined in popularity pretty quickly but, because 2021 is well, chaotic, concealer lips are back.

We have TikTok to thank for the barely-there lip look resurgence, with TikTok creators jumping on the y2k trend with gusto. But, this trend has returned with a modern twist, making it much less cakey and more defined with the use of concealer.

The premise is the same — you put concealer on your lips — but the outcome is slightly different. This isn’t a case of slapping the product on and you’re done. In fact, there are a few different ways creators are using the base product, which includes using it to emulate a similar look to lip liner and lipstick.

TikTok user @kyranikole2 begins by buffing a makeup brush over her lips to smooth the skin, then she takes a darker shade of concealer and uses it to line her lips like one would with lip liner. Then, taking a lighter shade, she dabs concealer into the middle of her bottom lip and blends it in with a makeup brush. She finishes the look with a little bit of clear gloss and the end result is a layered lip look.

The other way concealer is being used on the lips nowadays is by adding a small amount to the middle of your bottom lip and blending it into lipstick to make it slightly lighter looking. This is a great hack for when you want to tone down the brightness of your lippie to achieve a more lived-in look.

So, if you’re having flashbacks of concealer lips from the early 2000s and as a result, are not on board for this resurgence, we get it. Thankfully, it has returned with a few caveats that mean it doesn’t look like people are walking around with no lips.

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