Deciem’s Anti Black Friday Campaign Is Back, With a Month-Long Discount Across Brands Like The Ordinary

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November marks the annual shopping event on Black Friday. What started as an American tradition has slowly taken hold in Australia as well, with retailers slashing prices on one day in late November every year. While scoring a bargain might feel exciting, Black Friday encourages hyperconsumerism, pressuring buyers into making impulse decisions.

In response to this, DECIEM, the parent company of brands The Ordinary and NIOD, created Slowvember — an annual Anti Black Friday campaign that is now in its third year. Instead of offering discounts on one particular day that could result in unnecessary shopping sprees, DECIEM is reimagining this sales period by offering 23 per cent off all of its brands and products for the entire month of November.

This month-long sale aims to encourage shoppers to slow down and take the time to make educated decisions over the products they are buying. According to a press release from DECIEM, Slowvember takes an “education-first approach”, where consumers are encouraged to participate in personalised shopping experiences, rather than hastily snapping up sales that have a time limit.

In previous years, DECIEM has chosen to close its doors on Black Friday in a visual stand against hyperconsumerism but, taking into account the events of the past year and a half, the company has decided to change it up this year and leave its store open.

“During a time where human connection has been limited, DECIEM stores will remain open but its tills will remain firmly closed, with no products available to purchase both in-store or online,” reads a press release from DECIEM. “Instead, November 26th will celebrate Take Back Black Friday, a day that offers time to focus on connections over transactions, encouraging mindful moments that bring people together and celebrates the beauty in slowing down.”

Instead of shopping on Take Back Black Friday, you’ll be able to enjoy live music and local refreshments as well as musical and artistic workshops in DECIEM stores. Think of this as an opportunity to take a breath and connect with others in the DECIEM community, instead of using the day to engage with rampant spending.

So, for the month of November, you’ll have the opportunity to shop all of your favourite DECIEM brands and products and score 23 per cent off. Take your time when it comes to deciding what you want to purchase and check your beauty cupboard before adding to cart.

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