Dyson’s Latest Beauty Launch Will Fix Flyaways Forever


Flyaways — those pesky little hairs on the top of your head — are hard to tame. No matter how much hairspray you use on these rogue hairs, it never seems to hold them down. This is the problem Dyson wanted to solve for consumers and the outcome was the Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment.

Created to use with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer ($599), this new attachment smoothes stray strands without the need for extreme heat or products. Designed to harness the Coanda effect — which is the same technology used within the Dyson Airwrap styler ($799) — the Flyaway attachment attracts and lifts longer hairs to the front while pushing those annoying flyaways underneath so you can no longer see them.

To use, you simply pop the Flyaway attachment onto the Supersonic hair dryer, turn the device on and starting at the top of your head, slowly bring the attachment down the hair. The end result is flyaway-free locks.

According to Dyson, this process of hiding flyaways also helps to increase strand alignment and enhance the natural shine of your hair. Known for going the extra mile when it comes to product development, Dyson engineers gathered more than 1.14 billion individual pieces of professional styling data from more than 420 stylists across 80 salons around the world.

This allowed the engineers to observe the best way to tackle flyaways, which stylists are able to do when using a round brush and blowdryer to smooth the hairs. The issue was that those styling their hair at home weren’t able to achieve the same results, or they were following up their heat styling with straighteners with fixed plates, exposing the hair to more heat.

“Our engineers are driven to rethink convention and our obsession with airflow led us to push the potential of Coanda after observing how stylists use a ‘brush and blow dryer’ technique to smooth flyaways,” said Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care Category Director, in a press release.

“Traditionally, this skilled technique involves the stylist using a round brush to section and manage the hair, whilst directing airflow from the dryer to push the flyaways into the style and out of sight. We set out to find a way to innovate a way to mechanise this method for the everyday styler. The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment harnesses the phenomenon of Coanda to smooth flyaways out of sight, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage.”

For those who already own the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, you can purchase the Flyaway attachment on its own for $99. Those looking to shop the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will receive the Flyaway attachment as well as four other attachments to use for styling. Get ready for a life without flyaways!

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