Have You Tried TikTok’s Frozen Beautyblender Trick Yet?

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TikTok tells us to do a number of quirky things when it comes to makeup and skincare application, including rubbing frozen cucumbers across your face and layering concealer on your lips. The latest trend to grace the video app is to freeze your Beautyblender and then use said frozen sponge to apply your makeup.

The traditional way to use a Beautyblender is to dampen the sponge before using it to blend in your base products, while some prefer to use them dry. TikTok user @iki.x prefers to freeze her sponge for an hour before using it for foundation application.

This hack has proved popular, with the video currently at 6.8 million views. The thought process behind freezing the Beautyblender is that it helps to blend your foundation more effectively while the frozen sponge has a cooling effect on the skin that can help calm redness.

While we appreciate this innovative approach, it does seem slightly counter-intuitive seeing as most base products work best when applied at room temperature. Think about applying foundation or concealer with your fingers and how it can help the makeup sink into the skin more effectively thanks to the natural heat of your fingers.

Blending foundation with a frozen sponge also doesn’t allow the Beautyblender to ‘bounce’ against the skin, which is how the tool encourages the product to sink into the skin while also distributing it evenly across your face.

Instead of using a frozen sponge to depuff your face, opt for a crystal roller that has been in the fridge or freezer, or invest in a purpose-built ice roller that is designed to be kept in the freezer and helps to soothe skin while also reducing puffiness.

If you’re keen to try the frozen Beautyblender hack for yourself, TikTok user @iki.x recommends running the sponge under the tap to dampen but don’t squeeze out excess water. Pop it in the freezer for one hour and then you’re good to go. Good luck!

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