Have Your Perfect Skincare Routine Created Just for You By Taking This Skin Quiz

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Even with access to an abundance of skincare-related information, it can still be difficult to create the perfect skincare routine for your skin. There are a number of factors to consider, things like sensitivity, whether you experience oiliness or dryness — the list goes on.

To take some of the guesswork out of this process, Function of Beauty recently launched a new service called For Your Skin Only (FYSO). Personalised skincare products are indeed on-trend for 2021 and Function of Beauty is at the forefront of this, already specialising in customisable hair and body products.

FYSO is a personalised and bespoke range that features six skincare products — a jelly cleanser, a micellar gel cleanser, a serum, gel moisturiser, lotion moisturiser and cream moisturiser. Using Function of Beauty’s algorithm technology, this service asks you a series of skin questions before creating bespoke formulations of these products based on your skin goals.

Each user is asked to select three of 13 skin goals, as well as ticking boxes over whether you want to include natural fragrance in your products or prefer fragrance-free. Once the quiz is completed, your answers are sent to the lab where each product is formulated just for you!

According to Function of Beauty, there are over three billion unique formulation possibilities, so the options are endless when it comes to the products needed to target your skin concerns. You can purchase your product on it’s own, in a duo or in a three-piece skin set bundle.

Considering this is a bespoke service, the prices are on par with what you would pay for regular skincare products with the Custom Jelly Cleanser and Custom Micellar Gel Cleanser coming in at $39 each. For a Custom Serum, you’re looking at $69.99, while the Custom Cream Moisturiser is $69.99. Bundles start at $99.99 and go up to $169.99 for the Cleanser, Serum & Moisturiser set.

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