‘You Can Skip SPF in Winter’ and Other Common Anti-Ageing Myths Busted By a Skincare Expert

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There are many anti-ageing myths that, despite the abundance of information available, continue to proliferate. In order to clear up some of the misinformation, we turned to an expert to get the cold hard facts. Nicola Kropach, general manager at Aesthetics Rx, has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years, so she knows the in’s and outs of skincare and its effect on ageing.

It’s not surprising that there are a lot of myths regarding ageing swirling around, given that it’s a $4.2 billion dollar industry. And that’s just in Australia alone and doesn’t take in the size of the anti-ageing industry in other countries.

Instead of being a slave to anti-ageing myths, here’s what you need to know about ageing and the role skincare plays in it.

Myth #1: You can skip SPF on cloudy days

No, no, no. Just because there is more cloud cover in the sky doesn’t mean you can forgo sunscreen — the UV rays are just as damaging despite the clouds. Same goes for days when you’re inside for much of the time. The sun’s rays can still come through windows or catch you during your commute to and from the office.

“All the incidental exposure to damaging UV light over years and years can be a major contributor to accelerated skin ageing,” Kropach said. “I never recommend skipping sunscreen application — except at night! Try the Aesthetics Rx Sunscreen With Zinc SPF 30 ($59.00).”

Myth #2: Your genes determine how you age

According to Kropach, your genes do play a part in how you age but there are also a number of external factors that also make up the ageing puzzle.

“Natural skin ageing is determined by your genetic makeup and occurs with the passing of every year, we can’t prevent it,” said Kropach. “But accelerated skin ageing is caused extrinsically and is mostly preventable. UV light exposure, pollution, stress, alcohol, sugar consumption, smoking and all the other lifestyle factors, impact how your skin will age. Try the Aesthetics Rx A Serum 1% Retinol Restorative ($119.00).”

Myth #3: You only need to start using anti-ageing products when you’re older

Prevention is usually more effective than a cure, so if you can start using anti-ageing products earlier, the better.

“Preventing accelerated skin ageing is the best strategy, therefore anti-ageing ingredients like antioxidants and sunscreens should be started well before the signs of ageing are noticeable,” Kropach said. “Try the Aesthetics Rx C Serum 23% Radiant Firming ($109.00).”

Myth #4: Expensive treatments are more effective than cheaper ones

“That old adage, you get what you pay for, applies to treatments and products too!” said Kropach. “The better the quality of ingredients, the more complex a treatment, the capital costs of high quality and safe equipment, the expertise and knowledge required to administer efficacious treatments all contribute to the price.”

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