Hilary Duff Has Over 20 Tiny Hidden Tattoos

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You wouldn’t know it just by looking at her, but Hilary Duff has a lot of tiny tattoos – over 20, actually. The small pieces of ink are scattered throughout her body, mainly on her arms. Duff strategically selected the location for each of her tattoos with subtlety in mind – when her arms are down, they’re completely hidden, but when her arms are on display, you can see her vast collection of body art.

There are, however, a few designs that are rarely photographed. One is a star on the back of her neck; another is the French phrase “Ma Petite Amie,” which means “my girlfriend” or “my little friend,” on her ribs. For her Women’s Health June 2022 cover shoot, Duff posed naked giving a glimpse at another hidden tattoo of a butterfly on the side of her hip, a Post-it note with a smily face on the back of her arm, and a snake on her inner forearm. (But her husband, Matthew Koma, has her beat with the most hidden tattoo of them all – his wife’s name, “Hilary,” tattooed on his butt cheek . . . )

Some of her tattoos are around 10 years old, but she’s continuously building on her collection. In 2022, she got tattoo of Saturn with her “Younger” costar Molly Bernard. Many of Duff’s tattoos have special meanings behind them, like one for her son, Luca, and she has multiple friendship tattoos with various loved ones, including her sister. Aside from one tiny red heart, Duff clearly prefers the style of delicate black-ink tattoos, which is why celebrity tattooist Dr. Woo is her go-to.

Keep scrolling to see all of Duff’s tattoos, and read about each one’s meaning.

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