Almond Nails Are Trending: How to Create This Shape Yourself

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The options for nail art are pretty limitless (just take a look at Billie Eilish’s creations) but when it comes to nail shapes, there isn’t as much to choose from. You’ve got round, square, oval, stiletto and of course, almond. Almond-shaped nails are extremely popular and as the name suggests, are inspired by the common nut.

The beauty of this style is that not only does it look delicate and classy but it also can make your fingers look longer and more elongated. While going to the salon and having your nails shaped into this style is by far the easiest option, you can do it yourself at home. All you need is a nail file and you’re good to go. If you haven’t done this on your own before, we recommend following a how-to video, like this one from OPI.

The video shows you exactly how to achieve the shape and it’s fairly straightforward — you basically just need to file each side of your nail towards the nail tip to create the almond shape. OPI recommends filing in one direction at a time on each nail, to help perfect the desired shape.

Once you’ve filed your nails into the almond shape, now comes the fun part: painting and decorating. Below, we’ve rounded up nail art inspiration that will highlight this fun new shape. From subtle manicures to more elaborate nail art, there is something for every taste. Or, to make it easier, why not try these cool nail decals?

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