5 Simple Ways to Beat Frizzy Hair Because Humidity Is Right Around the Corner

How to beat frizz

Unless you’re going for a teased-out look, frizzy hair isn’t ideal. Though, in saying that, frizz can help to give hair texture and life, and some even say they’d prefer it to stick-straight hair.

While we’re all for embracing what we’re born with, if you are looking for sleeker look, there are some things you can do to keep frizz at bay. Which, with the warmer months coming up, will soon be more of an issue.

“The humidity is one of your worst nightmares for frizz,” says Anthony Nader, founder of hair salon Raw Hair by Anthony Nader. “The hair scales are exposed and roughed up when you are out in the sun or in a warm environment. This, in turn, is why your strands become frizzy. Cooler temps will always shield your hair from becoming frizzy.”

While Nader suggests asking your hairdresser for caring tips and advice for your specific type of hair, ahead, he shares five things you can start doing right now to beat frizz and get smooth, silky locks.

Use Moisture-Adding Shampoos and Conditioners

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, Nader says to look out for products packed with moisture, rather than protein.

“Protein is wonderful for strengthening, by all means, but moisture ingredients are key for the longevity of conditioning and shine,” he says. “Look out for ingredients on the packaging like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Honey, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil.”

Also when it comes to buying shampoos and conditioners, Nader says not to skimp on quality. The higher grade the ingredients, the less they will dry out your strands. He says you’ll easily know when you’re not using premium products because your strands won’t look and feel healthy.

Deep Condition at Least Once a Week

Next up, deep conditions, which many don’t do at all. Nader says to think of a deep condition or moisture mask once a week as rehab for your hair strands. “They deserve to be cared for, don’t they?” he says. “It’s a weekly cleanse that injects goodness and is ready for the next week of styling.”

He also suggests looking to add oil to your hair, which you can easily do with serums. “Your hair is always thirsty for extra hydration, and this will help,” he says.

Rinse With Cold Water

Though easier said than done, after shampooing and conditioning your hair, try rinsing it with cold water.

“As much as you may love the warmth, if you can turn down the temp, fraction or even two, and wear a glam shower cap, you’ll be kicking #NoFrizz goals for days,” he says.

The cold water temperature tightens up the hair scales, so they are protected, and therefore maintain a healthy shine and easy styling options, he explains. In contrast, hot water can tend to keep hair strands more open, making them frizzy and feeling rough.

Another hot tip? Don’t rub your wet hair down with a towel after a shower — instead try blotting it. Nader says you’ll notice a huge difference.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Next up is investing in a silk pillowcase, which Nader himself has been such a fan of himself for the last 30 years, he decided to create his own. He uses 25-momme – most Australian pillowcases are 16-22 momme, he explains – and 100% mulberry silk.

“Mulberry silk is the saviour for waking up in the morning and not looking like a power surge has just zapped you,” he says.

Lay Off Heat Styling Tools

Finally, to beat frizz, go easy on the heat styling, Nader says. If you do need to use a hairdryer or hot tool, turn down the heat.

“There’s no need to turn your appliances up to ‘maximum’ when you’re getting the result you need on a much lower heat seating,” he says. “Also, look out for a ceramic plate with your appliances. Ceramic is known for its silky-smooth finish because it locks in moisture always.”

Nader suggests using his own LTN Hair Straightener ($220) with ceramic plates.

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