A Closer Look at Justin Bieber’s 70+ Tattoo Collection

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Justin Bieber‘s appreciation for tattoos is no secret – the pop star boasts an impressive ink collection featuring more than 70 designs. The “Peaches” singer first started acquiring a taste for tattoos when he was 16, having gotten a small seagull design as part of a sweet family tradition, and he hasn’t looked back ever since. “Over a hundred hours of artwork on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one,” Bieber wrote in an April 2018 Instagram post, proudly flaunting his extensive body art.

Bieber’s front upper body and arms are almost entirely covered in tattoos, forming full sleeves, which resulted in hours of work to temporarily cover them for his 2021 “Anyone” music video. But despite being all about body art now, the Canadian native wasn’t always this confident with the decision. Bieber revealed during an interview that he first tested the waters by opting to get easily hidden tattoos, such as his Jesus portrait on his left calf, which, thanks to its placement position, wasn’t immediately on the public radar.

Given the record-breaking number of designs he has scattered across his body, many fans are surprised to learn Bieber has left most of his back untouched – barring two shoulder blade tattoos – for a very sweet reason. When host Ellen DeGeneres asked him about it, the singer adorably revealed that he’s saving the space for his future children with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

While the artist keeps expanding his ever-evolving ink collection, and it would be nearly impossible to track down every single one, we’ve rounded up almost all of his tattoos in this comprehensive guide. From pieces that represent his devotion to Christianity and matching couple tattoos with Hailey to designs dedicated to his love for music, read on for a detailed breakdown of Bieber’s tattoos, and learn what each one means.

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