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How Jonathan Van Ness Starts Their Day
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At POPSUGAR Australia, we often have the chance to sit down with seriously impressive people — and when we do, we love to have a sticky beak into their morning routines. We want to know everything  from what they do the moment they wake up to where they find their daily motivation as well as their tried and tested tips for staying productive. So, skip the snooze button and get ready with us.

Jonathan Van Ness, star of Queer Eye and Gay of Thrones has taught audiences globally to love themselves – with wit, sincerity and a mane of hair that is always mesmerisingly “on fleek.” Particularly in the beauty community, where self-love can be easier said than done, Van Ness leads by example. They’ve openly discussed mental illness, HIV, LGBTQI+ rights, and eating disorders. Now, their award-winning haircare JVN has a retail home with Sephora Australia. where the patented, sustainably packaged, gender-neutral and vegan products will be available. We grabbed five minutes with JVN to see how they set themselves up for success each day and keep their locks “YAS”-worthy

POPSUGAR Australia: You’ve just woken up – what’s the first thing you do?

Jonathan Van Ness: I read the news, I go make coffee & do my coffee dance. Then I put on some moisturizer & SPF, brush my teeth and head to work out.

PS: What’s your go-to breakfast option?

JVN: Coffee and peanut butter & jelly.

PS: What’s your morning get-ready routine if you have a casual day?

JVN: Post-workout it’s trim beard, shower and skincare layering post-shower. For hair care, I will refresh my curls with a spray bottle and apply Instant Recovery Serum ($43), run a wet brush through my hair to distribute the water and Instant Recovery Serum through my waves then scrunch in some Air-Dry Cream ($37) and I’m ready.

PS: What’s your morning get-ready routine if you have an event?

JVN: I will wash my hair in the shower and start with a fresh blow-dry for fresh curls. After applying my skincare I will do eye pads while I do my hair. Then after hairstyling, I will apply creaseless clips like the Harry Josh clips [Editor’s note: Harry Josh clips are not available in Australia, but Mermaid Hair Care make a great dupe for $9!] and do my makeup. I love Cover Fx makeup layered over my Biossance skincare.

Editor’s note: We implore you to watch below for a truly iconic self-care moment.

PS: Do you have an early beauty memory?

Doing face masks with my best friend Emily – her mom taught me how to not fish hook the ends of hair with a curling iron. Fish hooking hair is when you don’t curl the hair through the ends so it creates a fishhook shape.

PS: Where do you find your daily motivation?

Sometimes I don’t feel it every day and that’s okay. I think sometimes to find my motivation I have to rest so I can get my energy back.

PS: Any tips for staying productive?

Doing things that bring you joy and asking for what you need upfront so you can stay productive.

PS: What do you do to keep your energy up throughout the day?

Drink coffee and take deep breaths.

PS: What’s something you’re excited about currently?

Recovering from COVID and JVN hair launching in Australia!

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