The Special Meanings Behind Lady Gaga’s 24 Tattoos

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Lady Gaga‘s tattoos are almost as famous as she is. The ink, along with her blond hair, has become an integral part of her look. In Hollywood, there are singers and there are superstars – Lady Gaga falls firmly in the latter category. Between her incredible voice and controversial fashion choices, she certainly knows how to make a lasting impression, and it’s garnered her a massive, loyal fan base. Since Lady Gaga made her musical debut almost two decades ago, we’ve been able to learn more about her, including the interesting pact she made with her father surrounding her ink.

Before she became the tattooed singer that we know today, Lady Gaga had to promise her father that all of her tattoo designs would only be on the left side of her body. “He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal,” she explained to Rolling Stone. “So I only have my tattoos on my left side. I think he sees [my right side] as my Marilyn Monroe side and he sees [my left side] as my Iggy Pop side.”

Two dozen tattoos later, you’d think Lady Gaga might be running out of space (or ideas), but the pop star never seems to tire of getting new ink. While you can’t miss some of her pieces, other hidden designs are a bit harder to spot. From floral designs to tributes for her fans and even sweet mementos for her family, all 24 of Gaga’s tattoos hold a special meaning.

Read on to learn about all of Lady Gaga’s tattoos and their significance.

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Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

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