Level Up Your Lashes With Australia’s Number One Mascara Brand


The saying goes that your eyes are the windows to your soul. So it makes sense you’d want them to be framed by lashes that match your overall aesthetic.

Whether your soul yells rather than whispers or favours extravagance over simplicity, choosing the right mascara can not only transform your look, but enable you to express yourself without uttering a single word. Here’s our ultimate guide to mastering your lash aesthetic — once and for all.

Besides, It’s not just about achieving a lash look. It’s about making a statement that leaves an impression.

For Clean Girl Aesthetic Devotees


If you’re embracing a minimalist beauty philosophy and want to lean towards ‘clean girl‘ makeup, your focus should be on cultivating long, lifted lashes that capture the essence of the aesthetic.

To achieve this effortlessly chic look, centre your attention on accentuating your natural lashes, relying solely on the transformative power of the right mascara.

Enter Maybelline’s Sky High mascara, the unrivalled choice for mastering this aesthetic. As the world’s number one mascara, it’s received global praise, earning the enthusiastic endorsement of millions. The mascara’s ability to deliver lashes with unparalleled length and volume propelled it to viral fame on TikTok in 2021, making it the indisputable go-to for achieving the flawless clean girl lash style.


With Maybelline’s Sky High mascara, you’ll not only achieve limitless length — it also brings remarkable volume to your lashes. This combination will brighten your eyes without any heaviness or product buildup, leaving you with the ultimate ‘clean girl’ lash look.

For Falsies Aficionados 


If you’re a falsie girlie — booking appointments for lash extensions or constantly stocking up on glue, we’ve got the mascara for you. To achieve a dramatic effect akin to artificial eyelashes, without the hassle of constant maintenance, babying and upkeep, let me introduce you to Maybelline’s latest makeup bag staple — Falsies Surreal extensions mascara.

This mascara goes above and beyond, recreating the full, fluffy allure of extensions and falsies with each effortless application. It doesn’t just deliver — it overdelivers, providing a whopping 10 times the volume and a jaw-dropping 36 percent lengthening effect. The results? Nothing short of dreamy.


This mascara doesn’t just coat, it mimics a salon professional look — adding a touch of drama that elevates your gaze to new heights. The impact is undeniable, helping you achieve that coveted false extension eyelash look effortlessly. It’s no wonder that this mascara stole the spotlight as the top mascara launch of 2023. The lash transformation it offers is nothing short of surreal.

For Lovers of Bold Volume 


If your makeup goals include classic, thick, voluminous lashes that frame your eyes and make anyone who’s the subject of your alluring gaze flustered and enticed, this one’s for you.

Maybelline’s Colossal mascara delivers bold volume like you’ve never seen before. And, there’s a reason why it’s the undisputed champion. Continuing its reign as a best-seller for nearly 20 years, it’s not just good — it’s downright exceptional.

It features a thick, dense brush — which instantly gives you 9x more volume, so you can experience your lashes at their fullest, boldest potential. Plus, the collagen infused formula is an added benefit to the drama that’ll unfold on your lashes with each stroke, and you’ll find yourself calling this one your go-to in no time.


Maybelline has a best-selling solution for the lash look of your dreams. Elevate your lash experience, stand out from the crowd and discover the possibilities when you team up with Australia’s number one mascara brand.

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