A Closer Look at All of Lindsay Lohan’s Tattoos

Getty / James Devaney
  • Lindsay Lohan has at least 15 known tattoos so far.
  • Some designs include tiny symbols, while others are nods to people in her life.
  • Keep reading to learn the meanings behind Lohan’s tattoo collection.

After a years-long hiatus from the entertainment industry, Lindsay Lohan is back on the silver screen and better than ever. She’s starring in the new holiday film “Falling For Christmas” that’s now streaming on Netflix, which has prompted many people to search for other pertinent details relating to the star – including whether or not she has any tattoos.

The short answer is that yes, she does. In fact, throughout the years, Lohan has developed an impressive tattoo collection of 15 known designs so far. She hasn’t said much about her love of body art in the past, though it was once rumored that she was going to open her own tattoo parlor. (She’s even tattooed other people here and there.) While Lohan’s ink varies in size, location, and type, she does follow a few common themes: she loves symbols like hearts and stars and inspirational quotes, and she even has a few designs inspired by former flames. Many are located on her wrists and arms that are easy to spot, although she does have a few hidden tattoos on her rib cage and back.

From Marilyn Monroe’s quotes to spiritual symbols, each of her tattoos has a special meaning, and she’s been known to get matching tattoos with some of the people she loves. If you want to see each design up close, we’re zooming in on all of Lohan’s tattoos, including what each of them means, ahead. Keep reading to see them for yourself.

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