The Aussie Skincare Brand With a 110% Increase in Daily Revenue During Lockdown

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With lockdown stretching out longer than we care to think about, our days have become somewhat repetitive. To help punctuate this, many people have created small rituals that tick both the self-care box, while also being enjoyable. One of these outlets is skincare.

Never before have we had so much time to tend to our skin as we do in lockdown. And, while we are reaping the benefits internally and externally with our skin, it’s also proved to be a wholesome activity as well. As such, skincare product sales have boomed in recent times, with Australian brand Sand & Sky witnessing such a lockdown-induced boost.

Since the beginning of this most recent lockdown, the beauty brand has reported a 40 per cent increase in sales of its iconic Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask ($60.90) — which is, in our opinion, the best way to pamper yourself and take some time to chill while you let the mask do its thing.

There has also been a 24 per cent increase in the newly launched Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser ($45.90) and a 57 per cent increase in its Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream ($79.90). Overall, Sand & Sky has experienced a 76 percent increase in sales, with its daily revenue increasing by 110 percent.

Lockdown has been extremely hard on many businesses and industries across Australia, so it’s heartwarming to see an Aussie business thriving in a turbulent climate. And, while we don’t have a lot going on at the moment, engaging with skincare products and prioritising Aussie brands is something we can do from the comfort of our homes.

Should you be in need of a few new beauty bits and have the means to do so, consider supporting an Australian beauty brand. One thing we do know for sure is that once restrictions are eased and we’re allowed to venture out of the house a little more, we’re all going to have glowing skin.

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