I Tried Sand & Sky’s Fancy New Body Lotion — It Has Changed My Mind About Body Care

Sand & Sky

When it comes to body care, I’m a bit, well, lazy. My face takes priority with skincare application as I take my time applying my various lotions and potions every morning and night. On the flip side, while I have the best intentions to lather my body in oils and creams, it probably only happens a couple of times a week versus every day.

When the news came through that Australian brand Sand & Sky was releasing a new product that was basically face-grade skincare for your body, I was intrigued. Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water Wonder Body Lotion ($66.90) is described as “super-moisturising” and an “age-defying lotion” — two things I am very interested in when it comes to skincare products.

Formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and mineral-rich Tasmanian spring water, this product is designed to support skin renewal and repair while also improving skin elasticity and increasing moisture retention. The addition of Tasmanian sea kelp also helps to improve the appearance of skin by 60 percent in 12 weeks.

While some of these descriptors might sound like beauty buzzwords, ingredients like hyaluronic acid are commonly used in skincare products for the face so it’s a welcome addition to a body product. When it came to using the actual product, I was interested to see how it fared against my cold weather-induced scaly skin.

Starting off, the texture of the lotion is lightweight and it rubs into the skin easily, leaving no oily residue. I’ve applied it numerous times before getting dressed and it doesn’t make my clothes stick to me uncomfortably — you know the feeling I’m talking about, it’s the worst.

I’ve used it both straight out of the shower and first thing in the morning and find that using in when my body is still a little damp helps the product to absorb a little better. I’ve also found it gentle enough to apply to my legs post-shaving, which is a definite win. My skin is on the more sensitive side and doesn’t *love* shaving, so I’m often left with little red bumps post-shave.

Popping a layer on this baby onto my legs straight after the shower has helped quiet these angry post-shaving bumps and left my skin feeling super duper soft and smooth. The fresh citrus scent of the product is also a stand-out and makes application all the more enjoyable. Body lotion scents can err on the side of cloying but the Wonder Body Lotion is subtle and smells pretty much like freshly squeezed orange juice — seriously.

Since using the lotion, the cold weather induced dryness across my body has calmed down and my legs have lost that scaly appearance that seems to arrive every autumn and winter. Despite the lightness of the product, it does just as good of a job at hydrating my skin as the thick, winter appropriate body creams I usually use.

The only niggle I have with this product is the elevated price tag — $66 for a 200ml bottle of body lotion isn’t achievable for everyone. Given the quality of the face-grade ingredients included in the product, the price is understandable but something to note. Should you have the funds and wish to give Sand & Sky’s Body Lotion a go, I would definitely recommend it. After getting my hands on the product a couple of weeks ago, I have diligently used it every single day (!) and my dry skin has thanked me for it.

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