I Trialled MECCA’s High Tech, Futuristic Facial and It Gave Me Hailey Bieber Skin

Ruby Feneley reviews the Mecca Aesthetica facial

Back in January, I was invited to experience MECCA Aesthetica — MECCA’s new high-tech services offering located in Highpoint, Melbourne. 

As with all things MECCA, I jumped at the chance. My skin was showing all the signs of post-Christmas and NYE shenanigans. It was dry, dehydrated, and lacklustre, and in desperate need of a boost. But even if my complexion had been at its most #onpoint, I would have jumped at the opportunity. MECCA Aesthetica sounded intriguing as all get out.

Heidi Bedggood is the clinic manager in charge of MECCA Aesthetica and its skin concepts. She told me that the vision behind it is bringing MECCA’s range of luxury global skincare brands, from Dr Barbara Sturm to Verso and Augustinus Bader, to a curated menu of high-tech and customised facials. You’re essentially receiving the same special treatment Hailey Bieber, a fan of Sturm’s facial treatments, would pre-Met Gala red carpet.

Highly trained dermal therapists are the people delivering all Aesthetica services. This is because, as Bedggood tells me,”each customer’s skin is unique [and] your service experience should reflect this.” Whether it’s a 30-minute skin booster, RF Micro-needling, or a deep peel, everything at MECCA Aesthetica is tailored to your skin and lifestyle.

Importantly, like makeup services at MECCA, Aesthetica provides a friendly and non-intimidating environment. It’s a natural extension of the service you receive at MECCA retail concepts.

The entry to MECCA Aesthetica, located in High Point, Melbourne
MECCA Aesthetica, located in Hight Point Melbourne. Image Credit: MECCA

My Aesthetica Experience

After sipping on sparkling water for a few moments, I was ushered into my comfy suite. My heart sank as I saw The Visia. The Visia is one of those terrifying machines that deploy the magic of science to let you know just how badly your late nights and poor choices are impacting your complexion.

Demonstrating typical MECCA tact, my therapist Victoria didn’t linger too long on the Visia results. She did suggest the MECCA Aesthetica Signature Treatment, which is short for “the works.” The 60-minute treatment includes powerful, state of the art devices, all optimised for restoring my complexion to its pre-Christmas health.

We chatted about what I was looking to address (everything) and, importantly, what my day was looking like. Ever the tricky patient, I was heading straight from MECCA Aesthetica to an event. Unlike Hailey Bieber, that event wasn’t the Met Gala red carpet — it was the pub. But like Hailey Bieber, I didn’t want my freshly washed hair to be greasy afterwards, or my skin to be too red and angry to cover up with makeup. I also wanted some “instant” skin boosting. 

You’re essentially receiving the same special treatment Hailey Bieber, a fan of Sturm’s facial treatments, would pre-Met Gala red carpet.

The MECCA Aesthetica Signature Treatment

The MECCA Aesthetica Signature Treatment is totally customised to your unique skincare concerns, which I adore. While the treatment involved several complicated high-end devices, sessions were broken up with relaxing massages and masks. Despite the multiple devices used, the service didn’t feel impersonal, or overly technical, which is something I’ve experienced during other high-tech treatments. I love the hardcore results and I long for the euphoria-inducing massages. Yes, I want it all.

Following the relaxing double cleanse using Dermalogica and Dr Barbara Strum products, it was time to bring out the big guns. We started with a radio frequency treatment. Radio frequency essentially heats the skin from below, stimulating the bands of collagen and elastin fibres and promoting an immediate “glow”. I’ve had radio-frequency treatments before and they can get a little toasty, but not uncomfortably so.

Mecca Aesthetica waiting room and treatment room
MECCA Aesthetica interiors and treatment room. Image Credit: MECCA/Supplied

We then moved to the OxyGeneo device, which infuses the skin with moisture and oxygen to provide an immediate plumped out, glowing effect. The device also provides gentle microdermabrasion. I have fine, delicate skin and am usually wary of anything to do with microdermabrasion. The session was super gentle and for once I didn’t experience any purging afterwards.

The most relaxing part of the treatment was the facial, neck, and lymphatic massage which had me floating on cloud nine. We finished with ultrasound therapy, a process that promotes cellular renewal and tones facial muscles to provide an immediate lift. 

This means the MECCA Aesthetica Signature Treatment has instant, as well as long term benefits. Post-treatment, I noticed a tighter, more toned, and glowing complexion — with none of the collateral damage you get from other facials that make you want to hide your face for a week. Instead, I headed out immediately after and felt great about it!

Would I Recommend?

@rubyisfeneley Post treatment with Mecca Aesthetica and loving my life ✨✨✨✨✨ #beauty #mecca #meccaaesthetica ♬ Lucky Girl – Carlina

What I loved about my MECCA Aesthetica treatment is it brought together not only the best of MECCA skincare and the best in tech, but the same quality approach to treatment I’ve come to expect from MECCA services. My therapist was incredibly considerate of my plans for the day. Knowing I was headed straight out, she finished the service with skincare that would sit well under my makeup and, as promised, there was no slick of grease in my hairline. If I’d known I wouldn’t have to take a shower afterwards, I would have booked in to have my makeup done next door.

There was also none of the scolding I’ve often experienced during other professional skincare treatments. I have friends who actively avoid getting facials because they hate being told off for not drinking enough water, not using the right skincare (the “right” skincare presumably being whatever skincare the therapist is trying to sell them) or having their imperfections pointed out. Facials are expensive and they should leave you feeling good, which is exactly how I felt leaving MECCA Aesthetica. 

Will Sydney-Siders Be Able to Access Bieber-esque Skin Anytime Soon?

The only downside to MECCA Aesthetica is it is currently only available to Melbourne-ites in range of Highpoint shopping centre. Maria Tsaousis, Chief New Concepts & Services Officer at MECCA, says this is likely to change: “We have no doubt that we will be opening more MECCA Aesthetica stores in future… but for now our lips are sealed!!”

Until then, I’ll be hanging out for my next trip to Melbourne.

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