6 Natural-Hair Hacks That Stand the Test of Time

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  • Styling and caring for your hair can be made more convenient with a few hacks.
  • Unfortunately, these don’t always work on naturally coily or curly hair types.
  • Instead, try the natural-hair hacks ahead.

A good hair hack can change your life, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time and effort properly caring for and styling your hair. Understanding how it responds to certain products, techniques, and hair tools can not only give you peace of mind, but it can also transform your daily routine and give you a few much-needed minutes (if not hours) back in your day.

The only problem? The majority of hacks you see go viral on social media typically only feature solutions for fine or straight hair types; the options get more sparse the more coily the textures become. Many don’t take into account the thickness, porosity, fragility, or general length of time it typically takes to style natural hair, which often results in Black and brown people having to put their own spins on hacks that were already supposed to be saving them time and brain space.

Still, there are some tried-and-true hacks for natural hair that have made the process of styling infinitely easier. From quick detangling tips to a technique that will ensure a properly preserved silk press, read ahead for some of the best natural-hair hacks to start incorporating into your routine immediately.

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