What My Mother Has Taught Me About Skincare and Looking After Myself


I consider myself quite the skincare fanatic, but the only person who comes close to giving me a run for my money is my mum. Her beauty cabinet is overflowing so much, I’m surprised she hasn’t been invited onto an episode of Hoarders.  

She’s taught me when, how, and in what order to apply skincare. When there’s new technology or a new product drop I spot on Instagram or TikTok, she’s the first person I DM it to, eager to hear her thoughts. In some ways, exchanging tidbits of skincare knowledge is our love language.

When I became a mum at the end of 2020, it was my own mum who became the blueprint for how and why I prioritise looking after myself. My mum shared a little nugget of wisdom, which was that before I could look after another tiny person, I had to look after myself. So for me, that’s daily exercise, prioritising my skincare routine, and reaching for products that contain effective ingredients, like Clarins Double Serum Light Texture — a serum packed with 21 active plant extracts, including its star ingredient turmeric (which is famous for its anti-aging properties, something my sleep-deprived skin is constantly craving).

When my skin and body feel healthy, my mind feels healthy, and it gives me the space to focus on whatever I need to each day — whether I’m at work, at home with my daughter and husband, or out with my friends.

Skincare is an essential part of my daily routine, and if you’re yet to make it yours, it’s not too late. While there’s endless advice on how to start (or continue!) taking care of your skin, sometimes mum knows best. Ahead, here are some of the best lessons I’ve learnt about skincare and looking after myself from my mum. They’ve been put to the test, and I know that these are my secret to glowy skin, and they might just work for you, too.

But before we dive in, here’s my skincare hero and I, with a little cameo from my daughter Poppy.

My mum Christine, with my daughter Poppy and I. Can you tell we just stepped off a 24-hour flight? I always love to carry Clarins Double Serum as part of my carry on.

Hydration Stations

My mum’s almost 60 but looks 20 years younger, and she puts it down to a lifetime of keeping her skin hydrated — which is key to keeping skin plump and minimising fine lines. I’m loyal to Clarins Double Serum (a cult product that was originally launched in 1985!), and the brand recently launched its Double Serum Light Texture — a powerful anti-aging serum that firms, brightens and hydrates the skin. Containing a high concentration of 21 plant extracts, the iconic dual chamber bottle ensures its double formula serum mixes at the moment of application. This ensures your skin gets the golden ratio of both the water and oil based serums to keep you glowing throughout the day.

To apply, warm the serum between your palms and gently press into your skin (and don’t forget your neck and chest!). Sometimes when I’m feeling extra boujee I’ll even add a few dabs onto my fingers and press into my cheekbones after I’ve finished my makeup for some extra glow. The bi-phase serum containing oil and water means you get the best of both worlds — a silky lightweight finish.

As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases (why oh why), which can lead to dry, irritable skin, but fear not! The right hydrating serum can step in to help. That’s why we all say we want ‘glass skin’ — it’s full of beautiful, plump moisture.

What I love about this specific hydrating serum, is its ability to improve the overall texture and appearance of your skin — aptly coined as an age-defying concentrate.

Freshly cleansed, with just a slick of Clarins Double Serum Light Texture before I add my SPF and makeup.

Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

After years of standing next to my mum and watching her complete her skincare routine, I learnt that not all days are created equal. She’s always adapting the products she uses, depending on what her skin needs, the season, or even the time of day.

I’ve learnt the importance of cycling through products depending on what my skin needs at the time. In winter for example, I use a heavier moisturiser and apply it morning and night. In summer, I can get away with just a hydrating serum, followed by my SPF.

With the release of Clarins Double Serum Light Texture (a lighter version of the OG Double Serum), it’s the product I reach for when my skin is feeling a bit oilier. At night, I’ll always opt for the classic Double Serum, but that’s because my skin is notoriously dry (and I’m pregnant again, and unfortunately received the opposite of a pregnancy glow, so I need all the hydrating product I can get my hands on!). 


There’s no use having a dedicated skincare routine, if you’re skipping the most important anti-aging element, SPF. Each morning after I cleanse, I follow with Clarins Double Serum Light Texture for a boost of hydration. Then, I apply my current favourite SPF 50+ (I always have a few on rotation) and follow with makeup (at the moment a skin tint, blush stick, and slick of mascara).

Aside from protecting your skin from the sun, SPF also helps prevent ageing, sun spots, and makes all the extra effort you put into your skincare, worth it. And yes, that even means applying sunscreen when you plan on being mostly inside all day (like the office).

Look at her glow!

Consistency Is Key

Ultimately, consistency is key. There’s no use kickstarting a skincare regimen, and then falling asleep with your makeup on after a big night out. Find what works for you, and stay consistent – that’s how you’ll be sure to see results. I know that when I’m consistent with my routine, and using Clarins Double Serum morning and night, my skin feels smooth, firm, bright, and hydrated. The ultimate combo.

The most important products to have in your arsenal (IMO), if you’re after glowy, hydrated skin, are a cleanser, hydrating serum, moisturiser and SPF.

Now tell me, because I love to hear from our readers, slide into my DMs @amandabardas to share what skin lessons you learnt from your mum or the mother-figure in your life.

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