This NZ Haircare Label Is Plastic-Free, Climate-Positive, and Now Here For All Hair Types


During Plastic-Free July, we’re challenging ourselves, our friends and families, and our households to refuse single-use plastics and be part of the solution to plastic pollution around the world. The global movement encourages us all to reevaluate the products we buy, and is applicable to our buying decisions across all industries, from fashion and beauty to produce.

Plastic-Free July is an annual event that runs for the whole month, but the commitment to living sustainably doesn’t end after July 31. The movement serves as a reminder that we should be looking out for sustainable alternatives year-round. One such brand making sustainability its mission is Ethique.

The New Zealand-born brand was founded on a mission to reduce unnecessary waste in the beauty industry, and since its launch, it’s prevented the manufacture and disposal of more than 12 million plastic containers worldwide and has planted more than 200,000 trees. Pretty impressive!


Ethique‘s line of products is composed of concentrated beauty and lifestyle bars that are certified vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, 100 percent plastic-free and packaged in home-compostable cardboard. There’s a facial cleanser, shampoo, deodorant, lip balms, moisturiser and more.

Today, the climate-positive brand launches the latest products to join the range: two new, concentrated bars scientifically formulated for wavy, curly and coily hair.

‘Curliosity’ solid conditioner and co-wash and ‘Professor Curl’ solid shampoo, as they’re fondly named, have been formulated to protect and enhance curls. They’ve been tested on all curl types and the resulting bars are proven in their ability to reform luscious locks and protect and promote soft, shiny, bouncy hair.


Unlike more traditional haircare products, these bad boys have no waxes, silicones, sulphates and drying alcohols, and instead are made from nourishing shea butter, organic and fair trade cocoa butter and conditioning beet-derived betaine. It’s a concoction that not only leaves curly and coily hair feeling hydrated and healthy, but also lasts way longer than bottled shampoo. A single bar of Curliosity, for example, is the equivalent of nine bottles of liquid conditioner and lasts more than 160 washes.

“We want everyone to be able to give up the bottle and we understand curly hair comes with different requirements to other hair types. We’re excited our curly community has another option when it comes to plastic-free hair care,” said environmentalist, scientist and Ethique founder Brianne West.

“Professor Curl is probably one of the best shampoos we’ve ever made – it has a super creamy lather and really light finish. Curliosity is extra special too… it’s the equivalent of nine bottles of conditioner in one concentrated little bar, which is the best value conditioner out there. It can be used as a conditioner, co-wash or as a leave-in treatment which even our straight-haired friends can use for deep conditioning.”

Professor Curl (108g) and Curliosity (110g) are now available to shop online for $22 and $25, respectively.

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