Is This $16 Concealer a Dupe For Tarte’s Shape Tape?

Is Rimmel, Multi-Tasker Concealer aTarte, Shape Tape Contour Conceal Dupe

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When Tarte, Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($44) launched in 2016 it broke the internet. Youtubers flocked to the full coverage, brightening formula to create Kim K snatched jawlines, but Shape Tape has outlived the popularity of these heavily chiseled looks. It’s proved far more than a viral moment, and Tarte has since rolled out foundations, highlighters and hydrating concealers under the Shape Tape moniker.

Why is it great? I love Tarte Shape Tape because it’s endlessly versatile. When I want to brighten my under eyes, I mix it with Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($65). If I’m stuck without a foundation, I can add a few drops of oil for a dewy, medium-coverage base. When I need all the help I can get, it’s there for me.

But recently, an MUA friend of mine mentioned that she’d found a dupe. I’m always sceptical of dupes — they’re frequently trumped up by influencers looking for engagement, and fall short of the formulation they’re claiming to imitate. However, when a dupe ends up in a MUAs kit, I’m curious. 

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You see, makeup artists have something I call a “black tape habit”. 

While their Instagram flat-lays might be full of high-end pallets and primers, there are usually “black taped” products sitting out of frame. What’s a black tape product? It’s something that’s so good, an MUA can’t live without it, and so cheap, that it might alarm a client who is paying top dollar.  

So, when I heard about this “black tape” product, I had to give it a go.

Enter Rimmel’s new Multi-Tasker Concealer ($16). 

Is Rimmel Multi-Tasker Concealer a Tarte, Shape Tape dupe?
Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer ($16)

Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer Reviewed: Does It Compare?

Claims: As described by Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer covers blemishes, brightens dark circles and evens skin tone. It’s crease-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof, and promises24-hour coverage. Sounds familiar. 


Even more familiar? The packaging. While Rimmel, Multi-Tasker is yet to be called out as a dupe, the packaging is very familiar. It comes in a round tube, with a large doe-foot applicator, just like Shape Tape.


The Rimmel Concealer Formula is slightly more liquid than Tarte Shape Tape. Shape Tape has a creamy formula that doesn’t obviously “set” down. The Rimmel Multi-Tasker Concealer isn’t a liquid, but it’s runny enough that you want to be careful opening the tube quickly when you’re wearing black jeans. Once applied, the Rimmel concealer thickens and “sets” very quickly. 

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($44) applied
Wearing Tarte, Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($44) under eyes, on and around the nose and through the centre face.

Coverage: Very surprisingly, Rimmel Multi-Tasker is more full coverage than Tarte Shape Tape. This is “block-out-the-sun” coverage, making Multi-Tasker the most powerful blemish concealer I’ve tried.

Once applied, Multi-Tasker dries to a close-to-cement, long wear consistency. Unlike the ever-so-slightly emollient Shape Tape, when worn on a blemish, this concealer doesn’t need to be touched up. Rimmel promises 24-hour coverage with this bad boy and while I have not put that to the test, I almost believe them. 


Both products offer a smoothing, matte and brightening finish. Despite the dry-down, the Multi-Tasker sits nicely under my very dry eyes. After trialling for a few days, I found setting the Multi-Tasker with powder was unnecessary, as it self-sets.

Wearing Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer ($16)
Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer, ($16) worn under the eyes, on and around nose and through the centre of the face.


I always apply the Tarte Shape Tape with my fingers, as I do with most of my complexion products. When I worked as a makeup artist I found the heat from my hands helped “melt” foundation into the skin. 

The only exception is when you’re covering a blemish — covering a blemish with your fingers will actually remove coverage, so a synthetic flat brush is best.

When it comes to a self-setting complexion product, think about how dabbing on paint creates texture, while applying pain in long strokes gives a smooth finish. Dabbing at a self-setting product will cause it to separate and look “choppy” rather than seamless on the skin.

Price: Rimmel, Multi-Tasker beats Tarte Shape Tape by a long mile here! Tarte, Shape Tape is $44, and Rimmel, Multi-Tasker Concealer’s regular retail price is $15.99, but it’s almost always discounted at retailers like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. I paid $11 for it, making it 25% of the price of my Tarte. 

Shade Range: This is where Rimmel Multi-Tasker falls seriously short. Tarte Shape Tape comes in 30 shades and a variety of undertones. Rimmel Concealer comes in a paltry 10 shades — and only eight of these are sold in Australia. 

It’s a very serious shortcoming and unfortunately common in drugstore and pharmacy brands.

While you will find 40+ shades at department stores, and retailers like Mecca and Sephora, more accessible priced brands often don’t have extensive shade ranges, or their full shade ranges are not available at the pharmacy, supermarket or drugstore.

This means people with deeper skin tones, or certain undertones have to pay more for a concealer or foundation that matches them. 

Is Rimmel, The Multi-Tasker Concealer a Dupe for Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer?

Is It a Dupe?

Personally, I’m happy with the Rimmel London, Multi-Tasker Concealer ($16). I’ve almost run out of my Tarte Shape Tape and for now, I don’t see myself repurchasing. It’s a solid dupe and exceeds Shape Tape in coverage and longevity. As you can see, the difference when worn together is imperceptible. While I do wish Rimmel would invest in a shade extension, if you can find your shade and want to save yourself some money, this is a hard-to-beat option.

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