TikTok’s Concealer Glasses Hack Is the New Way to Brighten Your Under Eyes


Concealer is having a moment on TikTok, popping up in a number of hack-related videos. Earlier this year, it was the triangle concealer trick, which works to give you an instant eye lift and more recently, there was the y2k trend of concealer lips, which when applied in a particular way, mimics a similar look to lip liner and lipstick.

And now, the latest trend is concealer glasses. The aim of concealer glasses is to provide coverage around the whole eye while covering up dark circles and giving the area a lift. Using concealer across the eyes in this way also makes a great eyeshadow base, helping the product to cling to your lids more effectively.

To replicate this trend, all you literally have to do is use your concealer wand (with a doe-foot applicator is best) to draw glasses around your eyes, so you look like you’re wearing a pair of skin-toned reading glasses. If you don’t want to use that much product, you can also dot the concealer around the eyes in the same way. It sounds (and looks) wild, we know, but the results speak for themselves.

Once you’ve effectively coloured in the skin around your eyes into a glasses shape, simply blend it out with a brush or makeup sponge. Given how delicate this area of the face is, using a damp makeup sponge allows you to gently blend the product without fear of getting too close to your eyes with a brush.

Another thing to note is the shade of concealer you choose to use. Many TikTok creators are using shades that are one or two lighter than their foundation to really help brighten the eye area. Feel free to do this should you have access to a lighter concealer in your makeup kit, or consider adding one to your next beauty shop.

While this technique uses a whole lot more concealer than you’re probably used to, it really does work to brighten, lift and conceal the whole area. What can we say? TikTok creators continue to deliver the goods.

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