Wrist Tattoos That Are Chic, Small and Subtle

Instagram @bluestonebabe / @evantattoo

If you truly want to wear your heart on your sleeve, then the wrist makes a great canvas for your next tattoo. The entire surface area – no matter which precise placement you choose – provides a relatively flat plane area that’s easy to ink, which makes the wrist especially popular for first-timers who want small designs or little sayings.

While a tiny wrist tattoo is generally more visible than, say, a design on the ribs or back, this placement allows for easy coverage with foundations or bracelets – making it an ideal choice for those who might be slightly hesitant to get inked in a more prominent location. But, small tattoos in this area are usually pretty hard to spot, so your ink can be subtle if needed.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out these gorgeous small wrist tattoos to get some serious inspiration ahead.

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