What Is Crystal Skin? The K-Beauty Method of Achieving A Dewy Complexion

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K-beauty has blessed us with many trends and products in the world of skincare. Think of pimple patches, sheet masks and 10-step skincare routines. Now, the latest beauty trend to come out of Korea is crystal skin. While you’re probably familiar with the concept of glass skin, think of crystal skin as a further elevation of this.

Glass skin is all about a hydrated, luminous and translucent complexion while crystal skin takes it one step further in the glow and sheen stakes. Basically, think of crystal skin as the glow you’re left with after having a professional facial.

You know when you leave the facialist and your skin feels and looks like the most hydrated it’s ever been, you have a healthy flush to your cheeks and the sun is catching the glittery sheen of your complexion. Say hello to crystal skin. While this is generally achieved at the hands of a beauty professional, it is possible to recreate the finished product at home.

To begin with, you have to have a solid skincare routine in place. This should include a balance of hydrating products coupled with oils, serums, creams and actives like retinol and AHA’s. The most important part of the solid skincare routine is the consistency in which you apply these products, so make sure to do this everyday.

The second part of crystal skin is facial massage. This helps to decrease puffiness while also stimulating blood flow under the skin, creating the cute pink flush you’re looking for. Using a gua sha or crystal roller will also help massage the skin and achieve that ‘I just had a facial’ vibe.

And finally, finish with a toner to rehydrate the skin after you’ve cleansed. Swiping toner over your skin also leaves the perfect base for you to add the rest of your skincare products and thus achieve the classic crystal skin look.

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