The Wolf Cut Is TikTok’s Latest Hair Trend That Is Celebrity Approved

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When Billie Eilish revealed her platinum blonde hair to the world in March this year, the internet collectively lost its mind. Eilish’s once dark hair with green roots and mullet hairstyle was replaced with bright blonde locks cut into a mullet-meets-shag ‘do. And now, several months later, this haircut is doing the rounds on TikTok and is known as the “wolf cut”.

Both the mullet and shag haircuts have gained popularity this year and the beauty of the wolf cut is that it blends these two styles together to create a slightly softer version. It still features choppy layers and curtain bangs but doesn’t require much upkeep to ensure the hair stays in the required style. The wolf cut allows for a little more flexibility, seemingly works on a number of hair types and allows you to leave a bit of time between haircuts.


so… i did it . @ishikaaamazing told me to ?. pt.2 tomorrow ? #fyp #curlyhair #unicorncut #wolfcut

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Similar to the one-minute mullet, some TikTok users have been taking matters into their own hands and chopping their hair into a wolf cut at home. Unlike the one-minute mullet, which requires putting all of your hair into a ponytail and snipping across the end of the hair to create a choppy ‘do, this style requires segmenting the hair into layers, as seen above.

As the video shows, this cut works on different hair types and textures, making it a versatile style. And, for those who don’t want to undertake the wolf cut themselves (we don’t blame you!), simply head to your hairdresser and ask for shaggy layers throughout your hair, as well as curtain bangs. Describe the look you’re going for and show them reference photos to make sure you’re both on the same page.

The beauty of this cut is that you can make it as soft or as dramatic as you want. For a more played-down wolf cut, you’re looking to emulate Eilish’s style, while a number of TikTok users have heavily leaned into the wolf cut and made their hair super whispy and choppy. Even those with short hair can try their hand at this cut — it’s the TikTok trend that keeps on giving.

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