Zoë Foster Blake Dropped Her Morning Skincare Routine and It Contains These 5 Products

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Diving into the skincare routines of our favourite celebs is one of our favourite pastimes, so we were thrilled when Zoë Foster Blake recently shared hers. While products and routines vary for each person depending on their individual skin type and concerns, it’s always interesting to see what other people do. What can we say? We’re nosey.

Foster Blake’s skincare company, Go-To, recently launched its very own vitamin C serum called Much Brighter Skin. And, to celebrate, Foster Blake dropped her morning skincare routine on Instagram, as well as a very detailed breakdown of her mornings on the Go-To website, which is most definitely worth a read.

It’s safe to say that we love this skincare routine — there are only four steps! We love the efficiency! — and feel lucky to have had a peek into what Foster Blake’s mornings often look like.

Now, let’s get down to the very important business of what the routine actually includes. To start, Foster Blake uses Go-To’s Properly Clean ($31) to cleanse, which she says is optional but an important step for her as she wears “pretty thick night creams” to bed and likes to get rid of the residue in the morning.

Next up, Foster Blake goes in with a few sprays of a facial mist, which we *think* is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist ($40). “By having damp skin, it helps the vitamin C penetrate and absorb faster and better,” said Foster Blake.

She then follows it up with the new baby, Much Brighter Skin ($59), which “does not smell like hotdogs,” says Foster Blake, referring to the meat-like scent vitamin C serums can often have. “It smells like a garden. It feels incredible on the skin, sinks in really fast, is lightweight, is beautiful under makeup doesn’t pill, doesn’t gather up, doesn’t disturb whatever you put on next.” What a dreamboat!

Foster Blake recommends allowing the vitamin C around a minute to sink in before applying other products. The next step is around five drops of Face Hero ($45), Go-To’s facial oil. When applying, Foster Blake recommends using a pressing motion versus rubbing.

“Instead of massaging it in, push it in because when you push Face Hero on after your Much Brighter Skin, you don’t disturb what you’ve just applied with the vitamin C so you’re not rubbing it in,” she said.

The next step is usually moisturiser but Foster Blake doesn’t feel she needs it given the hydrating combination of the serum and face oil. Instead, she skips this step and goes in with an SPF product. And, rather excitingly, it seems that a sunscreen from Go-To might not be too far away.

“This is a lab sample, but suffice to say, it’s ours,” said Foster Blake of the SPF product. “We’ve been working on it for about four million years. It’s absolutely beautiful but you’ll hear more about that soon, I hope!”

Foster Blake emphasises the importance of combining your vitamin C product with sunscreen. “We want to be wearing SPF every day but the combination of that free radical protection and the antioxidants with SPF is killer.”

And that’s it. That’s the entire skincare routine Foster Blake follows each morning and we’re completely in love with the simplicity of it. Skincare doesn’t need to be hard or include 10 steps — using a few core products that are effective is enough.

You can shop Foster Blake’s skincare goodies via the Go-To website or in-store and online at MECCA.

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