Praise Be, Abbie Chatfield is Returning to Screens in 2023 With New Reality Series FBOY Island

Abbie Chatfield FBOY Island

Everybody’s favourite reality TV queen Abbie Chatfield is set to return to screens in 2023 thanks to her new show, “FBOY Island”. 

Set to span 10 episodes, the new series from BINGE will tackle the greatest issue of our times: being able to spot an fboy in the wild. 

So what is “FBOY Island”, you ask? 

“I know it sounds absolutely bonkers but let me explain,” Abbie said in an Instagram explainer vid released following the exciting announcement. 

“So there’s an island called the FBOY Island, obviously. Twenty-four men come to FBOY Island and half of them are predetermined lovely, nice guys looking for love and the other half are predetermined fboys looking for money and just to be their charming, naughty selves.” 

From there, three women hoping to find love will work together, with the support of Chatfield and the audience, to try to determine which of the 12 men are genuine and who are fboys playing the game. A cash prize will be up for grabs, but BINGE hasn’t specified how much the prize will amount to.

Between her radio and podcasting duties, launching her clothing line, judging “The Masked Singer Australia” and shutting down slut-shaming trolls, Abbie’s had an incredibly busy 2022, and with the addition of “FBOY Island” to her already impressive résumé, it seems 2023 will be just as busy for the reality star turned media personality.

“I am so excited to be hosting FBOY Island in 2023 and can’t wait to work on a dating show that encourages women to work together and support each other in the pursuit of finding love, and separating those charming Fboys from the lovely nice guys,” she said.

As anyone with a dating history will know, good fboys truly are the greatest chameleons who have the shape-shifting abilities of a star Hogwarts graduate. 

The good news for nice guys, fboys and single women alike is that the show is currently casting. So, if you fancy a tropical island getaway in 2023, you can now throw your hat in the ring here

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