Abbie Chatfield Hits Back At Former MAFS Cast Members, Saying They’re “Jealous” of Dom’s Success


Abbie Chatfield has proven once again that you shouldn’t mess with Abbie Chatfield. In case you missed it, the Bachie alum addressed her feud with Married At First Sight’s Carolina Santos.

It all kicked off when MAFS announced on their official Instagram that former bride Domenica Calarco would host a spin-off show, Dom’s Debrief.

While fans of the reality series were thrilled, some of Dom’s cast mates decided to take the petty route and write vile comments against the star.

One of these people was Carolina, who, if you don’t remember, cheated on groom Dion Giannarelli with another fellow groom, Daniel Holmes.

It’s safe to say they weren’t the most popular bunch of people to come out of the show.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. After a group of MAFS cast members made petty comments against Dom, Abbie leapt to her defence and said the TV personalities were “jealous” of her success.

This resulted in Carolina accusing Abbie of “meddling in this situation” because she wanted more “TV time”.

Using her favourite communication tool, Instagram Stories, Carolina said Abbie had gone through the “same s**t” she’s currently experiencing after her time on The Bachelor back in 2019.

And well … Abbie didn’t agree.

Speaking on her podcast, It’s A Lot, the media personality said that she was “never mean to anyone”.

“Let’s be clear, I didn’t go through the same s**t you went through,” Abbie said.

“I was never rude to anyone, I never exposed someone’s OnlyFans, I was slut-shamed for humping someone on a beach and saying, ‘I want to f**k you.’”

“I went through what Dom went through, not what all of you went through,” Abbie said before pointing out that Domenica was similarly “slut-shamed” for using the adult app.

“You are the people who made my life hell on The Bachelor and after The Bachelor, who created this weird thing that I was an awful person because I had an abortion, because I’m bisexual and I wasn’t out yet and one of them tried to force me to come out and told me I have to tell Matt [Agnew] on my next date.”

Carolina isn’t the only one to speak out against Abbie, with many of them saying she needs to “stay in her own lane” as she was never directly involved.

Abbie then took to her own Instagram to respond to the backlash, saying she’s paid to “comment on popular reality TV culture”.

“My lane is actually Australian pop culture,” Abbie said.

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