MAFS’ Domenica Is Set to Sue 3 of Her Cast Mates For Defamatory Comments Made on Instagram

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What on earth is going on in the House of Commons? If there’s one thing the cast of MAFS knows how to do, it’s to stay in the headlines. 

If someone told us that we’d still be writing about Domenica Calarco, Olivia Frazer and the rest of the MAFS clan in October 2022, we would have likely laughed in your face.

But here we are.

Former MAFS bride Domenica has revealed that she’s in talks with her lawyer to begin legal proceedings after a few of her cast mates accused her of being “violent” during the show

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Dom said she plans on suing Olivia Frazer, Jessica Seracino and Carolina Santos for defamation.

“I don’t take the defaming language against me lightly at all,” she said.

“It’s not about the language of ‘jealous’, but when it gets to the level of calling me ‘violent’ and ‘abusive’, it just needs to stop. Some of the language used against me [last week] was really defamatory against my character.

“People need to know that online hate is not okay and they are going to get held accountable for their words and their actions.”

The comments were made last week after MAFS announced a new spin-off show on Instagram called Dom’s Debrief.

The announcement clearly struck a nerve with Olivia, Jessica and Carolina, because they took to the comments to share their not-so-nice thoughts, which we won’t repeat here.

Neither of them has addressed Domenica’s legal proceedings, but we’re sure a statement is coming in the form of a lengthy Instagram Story.

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