Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet Farmer Andrew’s Ladies

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On Sunday night, we kicked off the 2021 season of Farmer Wants a Wife with a bang, and today, we’re getting to know the women each farmer will be taking back to his farm.

Here’s how it worked: Each of our five farmers first selected eight women from the thousands of applications, who were then all brought to the stunning Convent hotel in the Hunter Valley. Then, each farmer got to meet his eight potential loves, from which he selected five women to invite back to his farm and get to know better. The other three, sadly, were sent packing.

Farmer Andrew–a 30-year-old sheep farmer from Delegate, New South Wales–is “ready to find love, ready to settle down”.

“It’s you and your partner as a team against the world,” he envisions in his promo. “Your ride or die! That’s what it should be.”

Andrew says that love is “very important” to him, and that it gets “a bit lonely sometimes” living and working on the farm without someone to go home to at the end of the day.

He’s looking for someone to “share experiences with, get married, have kids, all those sorts of things”.

Andrew’s ideal partner would be “laid back and funny”, but it’s also important that she’s “interested in the country lifestyle and small community”.

“I’d like to have a girl who’s not afraid to get in and get their hands dirty, and who wants to go out and do stuff,” he says.

So let’s meet the women who will hopefully fit the description!

Ash, 28

A fun fact: A sales rep from Queensland, Ash applied because she’s looking for Mr. Right.

“I’m at the age where most of my friends are either getting married or
having children,” she says. “I have always wanted to do the same before I turned 30.”

Caity, 26

A fun fact: Caity’s parents are her role models for “what never-ending love looks like”.

“I want to experience that and live the rest of my life with my best friend and soul mate,” she says.

Jess, 27

A fun fact: Jess was just checking out the farmer her friend had applied for when she stumbled across Andrew’s profile and decided to apply.

“I had no intention of applying myself until I saw Andrew’s profile and thought he seemed like a down-to-earth, fun-loving guy,” she says. “He seemed perfect. So here I am!”

Lucy, 30

A fun fact: Having given up on the men in her small home town, Lucy is hoping Andrew will be someone to “grow old with”.

Her perfect date? “Red wine by the fire while camping on the beach.”

Rachael, 30

A fun fact: Rachael is a country girl at heart, and after growing up on a farm, she’s ready to return to her roots.

“I feel like I’m more suited to country life, where I can enjoy the things that make me happy as an independent person,” she says. “I grew up on a farm in Mangrove Mountain, so I have always had a soft spot for rural living.”

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Sundays at 7pm, and then Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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