Anna Paul’s Breakup: Real or PR Stunt for Paullie? Fans Speculate

anna paul and glen thomson

For eight years, Anna Paul and Glen Thomson were the definition of a power couple. Their love story started in their teenage years, and fans came to view them as a modern-day fairytale — often lovingly referring to them as “Mum” and “Dad.” So, you can imagine the collective gasp heard ’round the internet when Anna recently announced that they were no longer an item.

Now, the announcement alone sent shockwaves through her fandom, who had grown attached to this dynamic duo. But here’s where it gets interesting: some fans are wondering if this is all part of a clever PR move to drum up hype for Anna’s upcoming skincare line, Paullie.

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Anna decided to sprinkle a little more intrigue onto the situation by posting a TikTok video on her brand’s account. The caption read, “Waiting for my ex to answer to let him know Paullie launches next Sunday, September 10th…but only for our Friends on the list.” Glen chimed in with a simple “hello?” in the comments.

@paullieskin Waiting for my ex to answer to let him know Paullie launches next Sunday September 10th…but only for our Friends on the list. #paullieskin #linkinbio ♬ original sound – Paullie

What’s making people raise their eyebrows is how this breakup seems strangely amicable. Which sounds wild to write — are we too used to toxic breakups? Anyway. Anna says Glen is still her “best friend.” There’s been no public drama, no messy breakup saga, which is quite unusual in the world of celebrity splits. This has led some fans to question if this is a genuine breakup or just a well-crafted publicity stunt. Or is this just a way for the fans to cope with the reality of their breakup? Who knows?

Is Anna Paul and Glen Thomson’s Breakup a PR Stunt?

One fan left a comment on the video, saying, “Honestly, it’s a genius PR stunt.” And she wasn’t the only one who thought that, with many wondering (and hoping) if this is all part of a grand plan to generate buzz for Paullie.

Another fan, Brooke Ariel, created her own TikTok video to share her theory. In her video, she proposed, “I may be delulu (delusional) but pray with me girlies. Anna Paul’s breakup was a PR stunt for the skincare range she announced last night, and her next PR move will be getting back together with Glen.” Surprisingly, her video garnered more than 188,000 likes, with many viewers nodding in agreement.

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@brookeharpin PLEASE #annapaul #annapaulbreakup #paullieskin ♬ original sound – Paullie

“I genuinely thought that the second I saw her announce it,” one user said in the comments. Another chimed in, saying, “Exactly what I’ve been thinking the whole time.”

As of now, Anna Paul hasn’t made any official statements to address these rumours. Let’s be real, she doesn’t have to. While fans continue to mull over the possibilities, we just hope Anna and Glen are thriving and living their best life.

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