Witness Aussie History — How to Score a Tix to an “Australian Idol” Performance

Australian Idol tickets

It’s official: “Australian Idol” is back in full swing, and this season is stronger than ever. Not only is it celebrating its 20th anniversary, it’s also featured some incredibly strong performances.

Take for instance the second episode of “Australian Idol”. In this ep, Broome’s Amy Reeves made her mark on history by scoring a Golden Ticket. By singing Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman”, she was able to get Amy Shark’s approval. Shark has been an indispensable judge for this series over the last two years. Beyond Idol, she’s best known for her illustrious music career and winning numerous ARIA Awards.

Reflecting on Reeves’ performance, Shark said, “The only problem is she’s got the same name as me, and she actually sings better than me.”

What’s more, this isn’t the only instance of an “Australian Idol” contestant killing the game this year. The Sunshine Coast’s Tyler Hammill, Victoria’s Ivana Ilic, and NSW’s Dylan Wright are also potential frontrunners.

Now, with all of these hype performances taking place, you might be keen to see “Australian Idol” live. Which, luckily, you now can. For “Australian Idol” is currently offering tickets to its Top 21 week and Live Performance weeks.

If you’re keen to nab some “Australian Idol” tickets, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a cheeky guide on how to catch this show live.

How to Get “Australian Idol” Tickets

The “Australian Idol” recording weeks are taking place at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre. Its Top 21 week is taking place from Friday, February 9, through to Sunday, February 11. Its Live Performance weeks are taking place from Saturday, February 24, through to Monday, March 18. 

To score your “Australian Idol” tickets, you need to go on the That’s The Ticket website. From there, you can select what sessions you want to attend. If you’re successful in getting some “Australian Idol” tickets, That’s The Ticket will send you an email. However, you’ll only have 48 hours to accept this offer, so be quick.

If you want to get some “Australian Idol” tickets, click the link here.

“Australian Idol” playing on Channel 7 and 7 Plus. New episodes will be air at 7pm on Sundays, at 7.30pm Mondays through Wednesdays, followed by an episode on Friday at 8.30pm.

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