Meet the Australian Muslim Influencers Redefining the Fashion Space

Instagram / @nawalsari

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Muslim women have been dominating the fashion space as of late, taking to Instagram to share their modest outfits and impeccable style.

Defining trends and making sure they stand out amongst a crowd is the bare minimum, as these hijabi influencers prove you don’t need to have your hair down to be deemed as fashion-forward.

With Islamophobia on the rise, these women have challenged the idea of what it means to be a Muslim woman and turned their backs on the bigotry and hatred they may face in their day-to-day life simply for choosing to cover their hair.

But modest fashion isn’t just for Muslim women, with people from all different walks of life turning to these influencers for some inspiration.

Here are some of our favourite hijabi bloggers from Australia.

Nawal Sari


Yasmin Jay

Kishama Meridian





Nour Elchami

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