Australian Survivor’s Jordan Reveals Why No One Believes Jordie’s Story

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It’s been the question on every Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water fan’s lips for weeks now: WHY does no one seem to believe that Sam Gash actually has Jesse Hansen’s idol?

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Jordan Schmidt gave us the missing piece of the puzzle.

Calling the season “hard to watch, because it’s very black and white on TV”, Jordan explained that the edit removed one pretty crucial piece of information: Jordie Hansen actually told them that Jesse had been eliminated with his idol.

“When Jesse left that night, Jordie came back and he’s like ‘oh, I can’t believe Jesse left with his idol’ — that didn’t get shown, that he said that,” Jordan revealed.

“Then all of a sudden the next day, Jordie’s like, ‘oh, Sam’s got the idol,’ so we were like, ‘first of all, you said Jesse’s got it, now Sam’s got it, I don’t think Jesse would give Sam an idol, you’ve lied to us the whole time,’ so we were like, this doesn’t make sense,” he explained, adding that he, his cousin Josh Millgate, Chrissy Zaremba and Juicy Dave Goodchild have been “ridiculed” by fans for their decision to stay in their Big 6 alliance with Sam Gash and Mark Wales.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s missing,” Jordan said, adding: “It’s interesting to watch, because you can only go by the information you’ve got out there, and what relationships you’ve got.”

Jordan explained that Jordie had developed a relationship as a “very shaky, very untrustworthy character” throughout his gameplay, which made Josh and Jordan hesitant to work with him, especially because Jordie and his brother Jesse had tried to eliminate Josh from the game earlier in the season.

Meanwhile, Sam and Mark’s decision to vote Jesse out, rather than Josh, “built a very strong foundation” for the Big 6 alliance.

“Jordie burned bridges early and Sam and Mark could’ve taken Josh out and ended his run early and put me on the back foot straight away,” Jordan explained. “Our whole goal was to remove people that were erratic, and then once we got to the six, it was gonna be a free-for-all, that was always the agreement, to get each other there.”

“There were plans on plans on plans… but obviously they didn’t work!” he laughed.

Jordan said that while “people might see it as boring”, he felt that “holding a majority for that long” was a great sign of strength in the game of Survivor.

“Realistically, the way we did eliminate those four players, [Shay Lajoie, Jordie, KJ Austin, and Michelle Chiang] was very lethal and calculated,” he said, adding: “People forget that Dave did the same thing.

“He stayed in the numbers and went all the way through, didn’t really put his head out too much, made a couple of good moves and ended up taking the crown,” Jordan said.

“It’s better to get to those three seats than to not get there at all.”

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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