Australian Survivor: A Definitive Ranking of the Blood Vs Water Betrayals

australian survivor blood vs water betrayals
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This season of Australian Survivor has been one of the most emotionally charged yet, largely thanks to this year’s Blood Vs. Water theme.

The premise of Blood Vs. Water sees contestants sign up in pairs with a loved one, be it a family member or partner.

When the season began, each Castaway was separated from their loved one, pitting them directly against one another as their tribes battled it out for rewards and immunity.

Then came Tribe Swap, which saw some — but not all — pairs reunited, and now, as we’ve reached Merge, all the remaining players are in one tribe.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia after his blindside elimination, Mick “Croc” Crocker said that the Blood Vs Water theme adds an extra element to the game.

“I love the rounded approach to the game, so it’s not just physical, but strategic and social, and then when you add in Blood Vs Water there’s an emotional part as well,” he said.

Following his own blindside elimination, Jesse Hansen echoed the sentiment, saying: “Blood Vs Water couldn’t be a more different game to a normal season of Survivor, because you’ve just got so many different relationships — you’ve got relationships that were willing to turn on each other from Day One, and then you’ve got relationships like my brother and I where we’re willing to die for each other so that just changes the dynamic completely.”

With so much at stake, we’ve noticed that the betrayals and blindsides feel especially hectic this season, so we’ve decided to rank them.

Of course, the season’s not over yet, so keep checking back with each new betrayal to see where it lands in the ranking!

Without further ado, here are the most hectic betrayals of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water ranked from least to most intense.

8. Juicy Dave Flipping on His Alliance to Blindside Himself

The birth of Juicy Dave! Where did the nickname come from? No one knows, and at this point, it’s too late to ask.

This wasn’t so much a betrayal as it was an act of fear, so we’re putting it at the bottom of the list, but TBH, it’s pretty galaxy brained to nearly blindside YOURSELF.

7. Mark Choosing to Not Reunite With Sam at Tribe Swap

While it’s completely understandable that Sam was a little upset by this, it was also the smartest move for both Sam and Mark‘s games.

By remaining on separate tribes, Mark was able to continue strengthening his relationships with the now-dominant bro-alliance, and keep the target of being part of a power couple off of both their backs.

6. Sam Voting Out Sophie

Although this was an alliance betrayal, it was pretty early on in the season, and based on Sophie’s volatile game, it was the right move for Sam to make.

TBH, if Sam had any second thoughts about this move, they probably disappeared after seeing Sophie’s reaction to being voted out… even though she didn’t technically leave the game.

5. Nina Voting Out Sandra

You’d think voting out your own mother would be one of the most impressive betrayals a person could pull in a game of Blood Vs Water, but honestly, Nina was doing what needed to be done, and Sandra knew it.

In fact, when we spoke to Sandra about it, she had this to say:

“I told her from the beginning, ‘unless you’ve got an idol and you can save me, never put your neck on the line for me, they’re gonna come after me no matter what’.”

She continued: “Not only that, but you can’t win this game alone. You need to be with the majority, you need to have an alliance that has your back, and it would make zero sense for her to write down someone else’s name and for her to have to deal with that after Tribal Council back at camp.”

4. KJ Voting Out Sophie

KJ voting her sister Sophie out of the game felt like a bigger betrayal than Nina voting out her mother Sandra, if only because Sophie seemed a lot more affected by it emotionally than Sandra was. With that being said, both moves were absolutely the right moves for KJ and Nina to make for their games, so… all’s well that ends well? Maybe?

3. Ben Blindsiding Croc

This one was brutal! There was Croc, organising his game around keeping his alliance with Ben strong and keeping Ben in the game. Meanwhile, Ben was ready to burn it all to the ground.

Immediately, Ben told Jesse and Sam about Croc’s plan to flip the script and get Jesse out, which ended with Croc being sent home instead of Ben. Brutal.

2. Mark Not Telling Sam About His Idol

To quote Adele: Divorce babe, divorce.

To recap: Both Mark and Sam made it to merge, and Mark was (and currently still is) holding onto a Hidden Immunity Idol. One might think that would be information to pass along to your loving wife. Mark would disagree!

Mark not telling Sam, his literal wife and the mother of their child, that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol? That’s wild.

According to Sam’s Twitter, it wasn’t like Mark was just caught up in the joy of being reunited with her and had it slip his mind for a few minutes, either.

Rather, when Jordie spilled the beans on Mark’s idol, it was more than a full day after they’d merged!

1. Sam Flipping on Jesse and Stealing His Idol in the Process

Miss Sammy is STONE COLD for this!!!

After playing side-by-side with Jesse from Day 2 of the game, Sam not only betrayed one of her strongest allies in the game, she also nicked his Hidden Immunity Idol.

We spoke to Jesse about this and asked him if he felt it was the biggest betrayal of the season.

“Oh, if it’s not, I don’t know what is!” he exclaimed with a laugh.

Jesse continued: “Nah, I think it was a pretty massive, massive and decisive moment in Sam’s game, where she was able to show to the people and to the public as well that she really is a game player.

For her to make that move and remove me from the game, it shows the effects of Blood Vs Water: Sam and Mark are playing as a team, and so were my brother and I, and that went Sam and Mark’s way, unfortunately. But yeah, it was a massive, massive move for Sammy to turn on me like that.”

Will there be another betrayal that will top this one? Only time will tell.

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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