The Bachelor Recap: Jimmy Loves Giant Red Flags Told in 15 Tweets

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I’m furious. Episode 12 of The Bachelor has me in a rage, because not only does my absolute favourite contestant go home, but Jimmy decided to give a giant red flag a giant red rose instead.

Jimmy, at this point, you deserve whatever is coming at you man.

It starts off wholesome, with Jimmy meeting Carlie’s family first up. Carlie’s family, like Jimmy’s, is loaded AF. In attendance are Carlie’s parents, older brother and his wife. 

While her parents are lovely and warm, her overprotective brother is ready to sue Jimmy if he steps out of line.

Let me clarify, IDK if he’s a lawyer, but he just looks like someone who would take you to court for breaking his sister’s heart.

Jimmy completely stuffs up and calls Carlie “predictable”.

This didn’t go down well, and Jimmy realises he shouldn’t have worn white trousers because he’s absolutely shitting it.

Anyway, he then goes on to meet Jay’s family, whose dad is the true star of the show in my opinion.

The man woke up at 6am to make Jimmy curry. Give the man HIS OWN SHOW.

But it was downhill from there, as Jay’s friend basically exposes her and tells Jimmy that she had a famous ex-boyfriend. 

“Jay’s dated someone in the past who was in the public eye … and she ended up really heartbroken from it,” says the friend.

Jimmy starts to spiral, the rumours are starting to seem true.

“The whole ‘famous person’ thing … it just triggers me back into the rumours that Jay’s only in it for the fame,” he says. “I really like Jay but I just can’t help but think these things keep coming up, so there must be some truth to it — and, if that’s the case, then I’ve been completely blindsided. And if Jay’s sole purpose of being here is to get famous, I find it pretty devastating.”

No offence Jimmy, if you don’t want a woman who is in it for fame then don’t date through a national television show. Just a thought.

After that debacle, he had a fairly normal lunch with Holly’s family, which I will gloss over because nothing exciting happened.

Oh, besides the fact that Holly’s stepdad is Scott Cam.

Fast forward to Brooke’s house, which is just … a train wreck.

Brooke cries to her family about “how hard” it’s been and they all begin to treat her like a child which explains … a lot.

Brooke claims the whole experience is making her feel insecure and that’s not who she is. This is when all of Australia did a collective eye roll.

Oh, and earlier Brooke mentioned that if Jimmy is going to date her then that means he’s dating her entire family.


At the dinner table, Brooke’s sister basically exposes her and says she lives in a fantasy land where long-distance relationships is not an option.

Brooke’s brother then takes Jimmy outside to have a chat and basically tells him that Brooke is not independent and that she struggles to be home alone.

Uh okay.

At this point, it’s obvious. Jimmy is going to send Brooke home. She’s a giant, walking red flag. BUT NO. NOOOOOOO.



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