“He Has a Tough Choice to Make”: The Eliminated Bachelor Ladies Reveal Their Picks for Jimmy

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The second week of The Bachelor has wrapped up and unfortunately, that means we have had to say goodbye to four ladies.

Episodes three and four saw Chanel, Madison, Hannah and Tamlyn head home after Bachelor Jimmy didn’t present them with a rose.

But while it meant their time on the show was over, the four of them live fulfilling lives off-screen, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

POPSUGAR Australia spoke to the four of them and asked how they’re feeling and what their plans are for the next chapter in their lives.

As viewers, we can see that the women tend to form connections with the Bachelor almost immediately, so it’s easy to feel slightly heartbroken when you find out he doesn’t feel the same way.

But the ladies remain as gracious as ever, wishing him the best of luck on his journey to find love.

“I still think he is such a great guy and I really hope he finds what he is looking for, he has a good group of girls to choose from. I have so much respect for him and think the world of him, I just wasn’t his type and that’s okay,” said Tamlyn.

Fans were devastated after Chanel was sent home, but while it seemed the flight manager had a lot in common with pilot Jimmy, the similarities stopped there.

“I obviously didn’t form a connection with him. We were on very different pages of what we want,” she said. “I think he has a tough choice to make because he has some amazing women to choose from.”

While they all understand their time on the show is over, it’s natural to have regrets, with Madison saying her biggest disappointment was, “the fact I didn’t get to go on a date.”

“I would bring my walls down sooner, I think I was trying to assess the situation but that’s not the place not to be forward so I would do that, be more forward,” said Hannah, as she spoke of her own regrets from the show.

As for who they think will be the last woman standing? It was difficult to say.

“I want it to be Jay at the end,” said Tamlyn. “Jay is so beautiful and I see everything about her matching up to what he wants, there is nothing about her he wouldn’t like so I hope she wins it!”

“I think it’s going to be Holly, they have similar backgrounds and pretty much have the same personality,” guessed Hannah.

Best of luck ladies.

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