Time to Get Stalkin’ — Here’s Where to Follow the Cast of Beauty and the Geek on Instagram

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The countdown to Beauty And The Geek is on, with the latest season premiering on Sunday, July 17.

Ten new Beauties and 10 new Geeks are gearing up to complete challenges and possibly find life-long love. The wholesome show is one of the most feel-good series on television, and we can’t wait to see how the episodes play out.

The show pairs each Beauty with a Geek, and viewers are then taken on a journey of friendship, companionship and growth. While they may not always fall in love, they do leave the show with unbreakable bonds, and the Geeks discover newfound confidence.

“The Geeks just feel so good about themselves! Because they want it so badly, for people to accept them, and they’re just so grateful as well,” host Sophie Monk told The Latch

“The amount of times I got pulled aside with them saying, ‘I’m just having the time of my life, this is the best thing ever!’ Every day feels pretty awesome.”

Last year, Beauty And The Geek returned to television after a long hiatus, and unsurprisingly, it was a massive hit. Which is why it was a no-brainer for the reality series to come back for season two. 

With a whole new set of Beauties and Geeks, let’s get to know them, and what better way to do that than by stalking their Instagram accounts.

The Beauties

Karly | @karllyfisher

Aimee | @aimee_woolleyxo

Angelique | @spicyfriedchicken09

Bri | @bri.auty

Daniella | @danicaceres

Emily | @eeaassyymmaacc

Heidi | @heidimitchelll

Sophie | @sophietaylr

Tara | @tarajosephinee

Tegan | @teganburns

The Geeks

Aaron | @theflyingoreo2

Alexander | @alexanderwaters_

Anthony | @captainfizman

Christopher | @christophermattiske

Jason | @jase.miha

Jayden | @darcyjayden

Michael | @therealgebicki

Mike | @mikegambaro

Nate | @_thatguy_nate_

Samuel | @sammitchell__

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