“It’s Life-Changing”: We Spoke to the Final Three Couples of Beauty and the Geek

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It’s finally here. The finale of Beauty and the Geek is almost upon us and as we wait in anticipation, we spoke to the remaining three couples who through their sheer determination, made it to the very end.

We’ve been with them from the very beginning and watched the Geeks grow with the help of their Beauties, and also go through a life-changing transformation.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Eliza, Alexander, Kiera, Lachlan, George and Josie revealed just how much the competition helped changed their lives for the better.

“I truly mean it when I say that going on this show has changed me for the better,” said Josie. “Overall I have learnt to be myself and to be proud of who I am. I have learnt not to settle for people who only like me for my physical attributes, but people who like me for my personality, the real me.”

For Geek George, the show has given him a massive boost in his confidence, as he notes before the competition, he didn’t realise just how much he had to offer.

“I feel like I know who I am now and what I have to offer the world. Not only that for the first time I’m proud of what I’ve become, which for me is really saying something,” he said.

As they reached the final hand-in-hand, it’s obvious the couples couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of each other. Something that they recognise.

“I’ve never found it easy making friends and always was extremely serious and focused on what I was doing wrong, and Eliza inspired me to just roll with things and have fun with others, never being too intense about it,” said Geek Alexander.

“That’s a lifelong insight I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. ”

But it wasn’t just the Geeks who took home a valuable lesson from the show, as Beauty Eliza shared just how much Alexander has impacted her.

“Being paired with Alex made me realise that two people who are totally opposite can form such a strong and special friendship. Alex taught me that being a geek isn’t someone who is unfashionable but it’s someone who is passionate, determined and accepting.”

Of course, there’s the added perk of winning a whopping $100,000 if they win, and both Lachlan and Kiera have big plans when it comes to how they plan on spending it.

“I run my own business and one thing I realised from my time on the show is that I haven’t had much of a work-life balance over the last few years because my business has consumed most of my life,” said Lachlan. “If I win, I’ll be investing it to grow the business but grow it in such a way that it isn’t totally reliant on me to do all the work – for example, starting to employ other people.”

While Lachlan plans to invest the money into his business, Kiera hopes to get into the property market, revealing she wants to use the money to buy her first home.

“I didn’t grow up being wealthy and getting things I wanted from my parents – I started working as soon as I could and had to save/work to get the things I wanted,” she said.

“I appreciate the drive that it gave me to earn my own money, but buying a house always seemed like too big of a goal. Winning and sharing the $100,000 would be life-changing for Lachlan and I – it would almost be like winning the lottery!”

Tune in to watch the Beauty and the Geek final on Tuesday, August 3 at 7pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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